The lowest reductant rate in Europe and how to acheive it (English)

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The BF A of voestalpine was the blast furnace with the Europe-lowest reductant rate in 2005. BF A is a 12 m furnace with a capacity of 7850 t HM/day (HM=hot metal) and is consistently operated with a reductant rate between 440 and 450 kg/t HM (coke plus oil). A short review of the last reline (2004) of the BF A with increase in working volume from 2454 m(exp3) to 3125 m(exp3) and of the sinter plant modernization is given. The features of BF A operational practices are the use of a low-priced low-grade burden mix of frequently varying components and charging of 100 % of all fines (burden and coke) by fully utilizing the capabilities of the bell-less top charging system (spiral charging) supported by automation systems to control and optimize the burden distribution. At a rate of 150 kg/t HM of fines charged into the furnace, the top dust rate increased from 6 kg/t HM to 12 kg/t HM and the sludge increased from 2 kg/t HM to 5 kg/t HM at . No negative impact was found on the clean gas dust content and the wear or availability of the entire charging equipment. The BF A has a VAiron Expert system autonomously controlling the BF process setpoints (reductant rate, steam rate, etc.) The new production planning coordination system 'VAiron productivity control' is in the implementation phase. Its goal is to tightly coordinate the operation of the raw material handling system, sinter plant and the blast furnace in order to improve the overall productivity of the whole ironmaking plant.