Automation systems for sustainalble energy management (English)

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The steelmaking process is well-known for its high energy consumption. For this reason, a major objective of iron and steel producers is the reduction of energy costs. To achieve this goal, over the last decade, Siemens VAI has developed an energy management system in close cooperation with voestalpine Stahl Linz. Recently, Siemens VAI redesigned the system based on a new software concept in order to market it worldwide. A modern energy management system covers all media that run in pipes and wires, as well as plant status information and process data in one central automation solution. It is fully parameterizable in order to represent changes in the plant setup and measurement configuration without the need for programming. Extended data validation and leakage detection provide a reliable data basis that is used for the allocation of energy costs and determination of key figures. An additional core function is the prediction of the energy demands of the individual plants. Together with this prediction, the current energy values are used as a basis for the optimization of the energy network of the iron and steelmaking plant.