Diamond machining of diffractive optical patterns by using a nanometer-stroke Fast Tool Servo (English)

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Diffractive optics, mostly fabricated in process chains consisting of many steps for making bulk products have gained importance within the last decade. Nevertheless, there is no cost effective technique for single-piece fabrication of diffractive optics. To overcome this limitation a diamond turning process using a nanometer-stroke Fast Tool Servo (nFTS) for direct manufacture of diffractive patterns on transparent or reflective substrates in a single step process is introduced. By using a LiNbO3-ceramic with near zero hysteresis, the nFTS-system can be driven open-loop. First experiments show that a sufficient structure quality is achievable using nickel silver. Shortly the nFTS will be set up and used to manufacture diffractive patterns. In the next steps the cutting conditions have to be adapted to achieve identical structure qualities using low spindle speeds (50 -100 rpm) in order to generate a sufficient pattern density taking the maximum nFTS-frequency of 5 kHz into account. Also additional materials like nanocrystalline aluminum have to be investigated.

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