A new type of flame-retarding filaments (English)

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Swiss Filament (SF) is the specialist for outstanding high-performance yarns. Mass market products for medium and low-end quality yarns moved to China. High-end quality for specialities needs profound knowledge in filament spinning and processing. SwissTex produces high-end specialities in close co-operation and is able to develop and launch new technologies for innovative yarn production. In this development and production chain, Swiss Filament is the knowledge basis. Flame Retardant (FR) Textiles do have a wide scope of application, such as hotels, automobile, public transportation, aircrafts, home, etc. Therefore, flame retardant products are added onto yarns and textiles. Existing processes are complex and the long term resistance is critical. SF offers FR polymer and also highly special yarns, like BCF and technical yarns. The flame retardancy is permanent and structured into the polymer during the polycondensation process and therefore, cannot be washed or worn out. The FR component intercepts radicals in the gas phase during the flame spread period and thus prevents from the flashover, which would lead to full fire. Textile fabrics produced from SF+AUBRIG exhibit similar properties as regular polyester but with the added flame retardant benefits, while negating the necessity for additional FR after treatments or finishes. The main features of SF+AUBRIG are a superior LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) value of >36, no hydrolytic instability and higher tensile strength. SF+AUBRIG does not contain any halogen or nitrogen compounds and is 100 % recyclable. The phosphorous additive results in a lower melting point, prompting the fibres to shrink away from direct flame, avoiding drip formation and ultimately preventing sustained combustion by self-extinguishing. SF+AUBRIG polymer is available with a standard viscosity of 0.62 or can be post-condensated up to 1.05. For textile and industrial fields of applications the yarn is available in 2200 dtex f384.