Context Matters (English)

Area Effects, Socio‐economic Status and Smoking

in Smoking Geographies ; 89-107
Smoking Geographies : Space, Place and Tobacco
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd , Chichester, UK; 2017

This chapter sets out the evidence for area‐based geographies of smoking behaviour. It pays particular attention to the influence of area deprivation and inequality and the pathways that link environmental characteristics to smoking behaviour. The chapter begins with a brief overview of work on contextual effects on health. This is followed by a more detailed assessment of the association of area disadvantage with smoking and the extent to which area deprivation and smoking have been linked in various ways in different national contexts. The chapter then focuses on the importance of social inequality as a contextual effect; considering smoking in relation to differences in deprivation rather than absolute measures. It concludes by discussing key themes that arise from the examination of contextual effects on smoking. This forms the basis for the more detailed discussion of the pathways and place‐based practices linking place and smoking.

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