Multipolymers with Fischer‐Tropsch olefins (English)

in Macromolecular Symposia ; 193 , 1 ; 13-28
Macromolecular Symposia


Multipolymers consisting of ethylene, 1‐heptene, 3‐methylpentene and 4‐methylpentene were prepared with a heterogeneous Ziegler‐Natta catalyst. The polymers were prepared in such a way that the molar fraction of the comonomers remained the same. Copolymers of ethylene/1‐heptene and ethylene/4‐methylpentene were prepared in order to study the changes in polymer characteristics as one moves from an ethylene/linear alpha olefin copolymer through ethylene multipolymers to an ethylene/4‐methylpentene copolymer. The mechanical, rheological and application properties showed expected trends.

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New materials by polymerisation of olefins and styrene with metallocene catalysts
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Multipolymers with Fischer‐Tropsch olefins
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Recent advances in the development of Fischer‐Tropsch catalysts at sasol
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Monitoring thermo‐oxidative degradation of polypropylene by CRYSTAF and SEC‐FTIR
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Propene copolymers: an overview of recent research
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Kinetic evaluation of various isospecific active sites on MgCl2‐supported Ziegler catalysts
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Characterization of epoxy prepreg SPX 8800 system by isothermal differential scanning calorimetry
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Analysis of polyamides by size exclusion chromatography and laser light scattering
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Fluorescence and biochemical characterization of glycated hemoglobin
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Triblock copolymers of lactide with poly(ethylene glycol) and influence of stereochemical composition
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Synthesis and characterization of novel soluble and thermally stable polyamides based on pyridine monomer
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Ultraviolet (UV) curing of phosphated polyurethane‐acrylic dispersions
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Low molar mass poly(styrene‐co‐acrylic acid) amphiphilic block copolymers: synthesis and characterization
Karakatsanis, Ekaterini / Focke, Walter / Summers, Gabriel | 2003
Investigation into the interactions between filler and elastomers used for tyre production
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Copper‐mediated ATRP of methyl methacrylate in polar solvents using a bifunctional pyridinal diimine ligand
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The synthesis of HgS and CdS nanoparticles in polymer matrices
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Water‐soluble polymeric materials with the ability to bind metal ions
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The use of selected acrylate and acrylamide‐based surfmers and polysoaps in the emulsion polymerization of styrene
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Study of a new route by which to make fully cured thermoplastic elastomers with plastics and ultrafine powdered rubber
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