Electrical circuits RC, LC, and RL described by Atangana–Baleanu fractional derivatives (English)

In: International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications   ;  45 ,  11  ;  1514-1533  ;  2017

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In this paper, the analytical solutions for the electrical series circuits RC, LC, and RL using novel fractional derivatives of type Atangana–Baleanu with non‐singular and nonlocal kernel in Liouville–Caputo and Riemann–Liouville sense were obtained. The fractional equations in the time domain are considered derivatives in the range α∈(0;1]; analytical solutions are presented considering different source terms introduced in the fractional equation. We solved analytically the fractional equation using the properties of Laplace transform operator together with the convolution theorem. On the basis of the Mittag–Leffler function, new behaviors for the voltage and current were obtained; the classical cases are recovered when α=1. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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| 2017
Minimal two‐transistor multifunction filter design
Maundy, Brent J. / Elwakil, Ahmed S. / Ozoguz, Serdar / Yildiz, Hacer A. | 2017
Realization of a transfer function as a passive two‐port RC ladder network with a specified gain
Wang, Kai / Chen, Michael Z. Q. / Chen, Guanrong | 2017
Synthesis of essential‐regular bicubic impedances
Zhang, Sara Ying / Jiang, Jason Zheng / Wang, Huai Lei / Neild, Simon | 2017
Design and FPGA implementation of multiplierless comb filter
Barsainya, Richa / Agarwal, Meenakshi / Rawat, Tarun Kumar | 2017
Electrical circuits RC, LC, and RL described by Atangana–Baleanu fractional derivatives
Gómez‐Aguilar, J. F. / Atangana, Abdon / Morales‐Delgado, V. F. | 2017
Theory on asymmetrical coupled‐parallel‐line transmission and reflection zeros
Ravelo, Blaise | 2017
Design of a low‐power high open‐loop gain operational amplifier for capacitively‐coupled instrumentation amplifiers
Prasopsin, Pakorn / Wattanapanitch, Woradorn | 2017
System level design and analysis of a fourth‐order continuous‐time delta‐sigma modulator using relaxed gain‐band‐width amplifiers
Hasanzadeh, Mohammad Reza / Abrishamifar, Adib | 2017
Bandwidth extension, linearity enhancement, and cost reduction techniques for continuous‐time channel‐select filters
Mojarad, Mortaza / Kamarei, Mahmoud | 2016
A high output power and low phase noise GaN HEMT VCO with array of switchable inductors
Kao, Hsuan‐Ling / Yeh, Chih‐Sheng / Chiu, Hsien‐Chin / Cho, Cheng‐Lin / Cheng, Chun‐Hu | 2017
Low energy/delay overhead level shifter for wide‐range voltage conversion
Lanuzza, Marco / Crupi, Felice / Rao, Sandro / De Rose, Raffaele / Iannaccone, Giuseppe | 2016
Low‐leakage sub‐threshold 9 T‐SRAM cell in 14‐nm FinFET technology
Zeinali, Behzad / Madsen, Jens Kargaard / Raghavan, Praveen / Moradi, Farshad | 2016
A 1.9‐GHz silicon‐on‐insulator CMOS stacked‐FET power amplifier with uniformly distributed voltage stresses
Im, Donggu / Kwon, Kuduck / Lee, In‐Young | 2017
A power efficient buck‐boost converter by reusing the coil inductor for wireless bio‐implants
Barati, Mahdi / Yavari, Mohammad | 2017
Analytical multi‐parametric stability boundaries of DC‐DC buck converters under V1 control concept
El Aroudi, A. / Garcia, G. / Al Hosani, K. / Al Sayari, N. / Al‐Numay, M. | 2017
Resource optimization for emulation of behavioral models of mixed signal circuits on FPGA: a case study of DC–DC buck converter
Bhattacharya, Rahul / Kumar, Subindu / Biswas, Santosh | 2017
Design of robust digitally controlled DC–DC converters in the presence of strong interference
Hayes, Brendan / Condon, Marissa / Giaouris, Damian | 2017
Simplified electrical modelling of power LEDs for DC–DC converter analysis and simulation
Osorio, R. / Alonso, J.M. / Pinto, S.E. / Martínez, G. / Vázquez, N. / Ponce‐Silva, M. / Martínez, A.J. | 2017
A new interleaved bidirectional dc/dc converter with zero voltage switching and high voltage gain: analyses, design and simulation
Babaei, Ebrahim / Saadatizadeh, Zahra | 2017
A novel low‐loss control strategy for bidirectional DC–DC converter
Dung, Nguyen Anh / Hieu, Pham Phu / Hsieh, Yao‐Ching / Lin, Jing‐Yuan / Liu, Yu‐Chen / Chiu, Huang‐Jen | 2017
Analysis of memristors with nonlinear memristance versus state maps
Biolek, Zdeněk / Biolek, Dalibor / Biolková, Viera / Kolka, Zdeněk / Ascoli, Alon / Tetzlaff, Ronald | 2017
Control and synchronization of the generalized Lorenz system with mismatched uncertainties using backstepping technique and time‐delay estimation
Kim, Dongwon / Jin, Maolin / Chang, Pyung Hun | 2017
Design and ARM‐embedded implementation of a chaotic map‐based multicast scheme for multiuser speech wireless communication
Gan, Qiuye / Yu, Simin / Li, Chengqing / Lü, Jinhu / Lin, Zhuosheng / Chen, Ping | 2016
A multi‐wing butterfly chaotic system and its implementation
Ma, Junpeng / Wang, Lidan / Duan, Shukai / Xu, Yaming | 2017
Chaotic cellular neural network‐based true random number generator
Karakaya, Barış / Çelik, Vedat / Gülten, Arif | 2017