GPlates: Building a Virtual Earth Through Deep Time (English)

In: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems   ;  19 ,  7  ;  2243-2261  ;  2018
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GPlates is an open‐source, cross‐platform plate tectonic geographic information system, enabling the interactive manipulation of plate‐tectonic reconstructions and the visualization of geodata through geological time. GPlates allows the building of topological plate models representing the mosaic of evolving plate boundary networks through time, useful for computing plate velocity fields as surface boundary conditions for mantle convection models and for investigating physical and chemical exchanges of material between the surface and the deep Earth along tectonic plate boundaries. The ability of GPlates to visualize subsurface 3‐D scalar fields together with traditional geological surface data enables researchers to analyze their relationships through geological time in a common plate tectonic reference frame. To achieve this, a hierarchical cube map framework is used for rendering reconstructed surface raster data to support the rendering of subsurface 3‐D scalar fields using graphics‐hardware‐accelerated ray‐tracing techniques. GPlates enables the construction of plate deformation zones—regions combining extension, compression, and shearing that accommodate the relative motion between rigid blocks. Users can explore how strain rates, stretching/shortening factors, and crustal thickness evolve through space and time and interactively update the kinematics associated with deformation. Where data sets described by geometries (points, lines, or polygons) fall within deformation regions, the deformation can be applied to these geometries. Together, these tools allow users to build virtual Earth models that quantitatively describe continental assembly, fragmentation and dispersal and are interoperable with many other mapping and modeling tools, enabling applications in tectonics, geodynamics, basin evolution, orogenesis, deep Earth resource exploration, paleobiology, paleoceanography, and paleoclimate.

The GPlates virtual globe software provides the capability to reconstruct geodata attached to tectonic plates to develop and modify models that describe how the plates and their boundaries have evolved through time. It allows users to deform plates and to visualize surface tectonics in the context of convecting mantle structure and evolution by importing seismic tomography models or outputs from geodynamic models. GPlates applications include tectonics, geodynamics, basin evolution, orogenesis, deep Earth resource exploration, paleobiology, paleoceanography, and paleoclimate. The software is enabling end‐users in universities, government organizations, industry, and schools to explore the evolution of planet Earth on their desktop.

GPlates is an open‐source plate tectonic geographic information system, enabling the interactive manipulation of tectonic reconstructions GPlates enables the building of topological plate models, including plate deformation, and allows the visualization of subsurface volumes GPlates applications include tectonics, geodynamics, basin evolution, orogenesis, resource exploration, paleobiology, and paleoclimate

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| 2018
Olivine Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Intracontinental Recycling of Delaminated Continental Crust
Wang, Chun‐Guang / Xu, Wen‐Liang / Yang, De‐Bin / Liu, Yong‐Sheng / Pei, Fu‐Ping / Li, Qiu‐Li / Zhou, Qun‐Jun | 2018
Measuring, Processing, and Analyzing Hysteresis Data
Paterson, Greig A. / Zhao, Xiang / Jackson, Mike / Heslop, David | 2018
The Provenance of Terrigenous Components in Marine Sediments Along the East Coast of Southern Africa
Hahn, Annette / Miller, Charlotte / Andó, Sergio / Bouimetarhan, Ilham / Cawthra, Hayley C. / Garzanti, Eduardo / Green, Andrew N. / Radeff, Giuditta / Schefuß, Enno / Zabel, Matthias | 2018
Investigating the Magmatic Plumbing System of a Monogenetic Scoria Cone: A Field and Laboratory Study of the Cienega Scoria Cone, Cerros del Rio Volcanic Field, New Mexico
Foucher, M. S. / Petronis, M. S. / Lindline, J. / van Wyk de Vries, B. | 2018
Magnetic Fingerprints of Modern Sediments in the South China Sea Resulting From Source‐to‐Sink Processes
Kissel, C. / Sarnthein, M. / Laj, C. / Wang, P. X. / Wandres, C. / Egli, R. | 2018
Deep Resistivity Structure of Basalt‐Covered Central Part of Paraná Basin, Brazil, From Joint 3‐D MT and GDS Data Imaging
Maurya, V. P. / Meju, M. A. / Fontes, S. L. / Padilha, A. L. / La Terra, E. F. / Miquelutti, L. G. | 2018
Slip Rate and Rare Large Prehistoric Earthquakes of the Red River Fault, Southwestern China
Shi, Xuhua / Sieh, Kerry / Weldon, Ray / Zhu, Chengnan / Han, Yuan / Yang, Jiwu / Robinson, Stephen W. | 2018
Global Plate Motions and Earthquake Cycle Effects
Graham, Shannon E. / Loveless, John P. / Meade, Brendan J. | 2018
In situ Raman Quantitative Detection of the Cold Seep Vents and Fluids in the Chemosynthetic Communities in the South China Sea
Du, Zengfeng / Zhang, Xin / Luan, Zhendong / Wang, Minxiao / Xi, Shichuan / Li, Lianfu / Wang, Bing / Cao, Lei / Lian, Chao / Li, Chaolun et al. | 2018
Multidisciplinary Constraints on the Abundance of Diamond and Eclogite in the Cratonic Lithosphere
Garber, Joshua M. / Maurya, Satish / Hernandez, Jean‐Alexis / Duncan, Megan S. / Zeng, Li / Zhang, Hongluo L. / Faul, Ulrich / McCammon, Catherine / Montagner, Jean‐Paul / Moresi, Louis et al. | 2018
Evolution of the 2015 Cotopaxi Eruption Revealed by Combined Geochemical and Seismic Observations
Hidalgo, Silvana / Battaglia, Jean / Arellano, Santiago / Sierra, Daniel / Bernard, Benjamin / Parra, René / Kelly, Peter / Dinger, Florian / Barrington, Charlotte / Samaniego, Pablo | 2018
Source Complexity of the 2015 Mw 7.9 Bonin Earthquake
Chen, Yu / Meng, Lingsen / Zhang, Ailin / Wen, Lianxing | 2018
Roughness Characteristics of Oceanic Seafloor Prior to Subduction in Relation to the Seismogenic Potential of Subduction Zones
Lallemand, Serge / Peyret, Michel / van Rijsingen, Elenora / Arcay, Diane / Heuret, Arnauld | 2018
Sediment Provenance Changes in the Western Arctic Ocean in Response to Ice Rafting, Sea Level, and Oceanic Circulation Variations Since the Last Deglaciation
Deschamps, Charles‐Edouard / Montero‐Serrano, Jean‐Carlos / St‐Onge, Guillaume | 2018
A Model for the Initiation, Evolution, and Controls on Seismic Behavior of the Garlock Fault, California
Hatem, Alexandra E. / Dolan, James F. | 2018
Variations in Denitrification and Ventilation Within the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone During the Holocene
Kessarkar, Pratima M. / Naqvi, S. W. A. / Thamban, M. / Fernandes, Lina L. / Siebert, Christopher / Rao, V. Purnachandra / Kawahata, H. / Ittekkot, V. / Frank, Martin | 2018
Inversion of Surface Deformation Data for Rapid Estimates of Source Parameters and Uncertainties: A Bayesian Approach
Bagnardi, Marco / Hooper, Andrew | 2018
Nitrate Isotope Distribution in the Subarctic and Subtropical North Pacific
Yoshikawa, Chisato / Makabe, Akiko / Matsui, Yohei / Nunoura, Takuro / Ohkouchi, Naohiko | 2018
Relationship Between Orogenic Gold Mineralization and Crustal Shearing Along Ailaoshan‐Red River Belt, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau: New Constraint From Paleomagnetism
Gao, Liang / Wang, Qingfei / Deng, Jun / Zhang, Shihong / Yang, Zhenyu | 2018
GPlates: Building a Virtual Earth Through Deep Time
Müller, R. Dietmar / Cannon, John / Qin, Xiaodong / Watson, Robin J. / Gurnis, Michael / Williams, Simon / Pfaffelmoser, Tobias / Seton, Maria / Russell, Samuel H. J. / Zahirovic, Sabin | 2018
Characterization of Xenotime From Datas (Brazil) as a Potential Reference Material for In Situ U‐Pb Geochronology
Vasconcelos, A. D. / Gonçalves, G. O. / Lana, C. / Buick, I. S. / Kamo, S. L. / Corfu, F. / Scholz, R. / Alkmim, A. / Queiroga, G. / Nalini, H. A. Jr. | 2018
Comment on “The Campi Flegrei Deep Drilling Project (CFDDP): New Insight on Caldera Structure, Evolution and Hazard Implications for the Naples Area (Southern Italy)” by G. De Natale et al.
Torrente, Maurizio M. / Milia, Alfonsa | 2018