A combination of nonoperative treatment modalities used for treatment of keloids (English)

In: Dermatologic Therapy   ;  27 ,  1  ;  48-51  ;  2014

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Keloid is one abnormal wound healing that occurs commonly in predisposed individuals. Many treatment modalities have been tried, either alone or in variety, including surgical removal, laser therapy, radiation therapy, silicone cream or gel application, cryosurgery, and intralesional injection of various agents. These treatment options have been practiced with largely transient and limited success. In the present study, the present authors prospectively assessed the efficacy of combination methods of the treatment of recalcitrant keloid. One hundred fifty‐one sites of keloids in 122 patients were chosen, age of patients varied between 15 and 60 years, size of scar more than 2 cm2 with pain, itch, or other discomfort, and duration of more than 2 years. Keloids were treated with combination methods of lasers and 32P radiation on originating scars. One hundred eleven of 151 evaluated sites scored “excellence” and 40 belonged to “effectiveness”. These patients demonstrated local control and have remained free of local recurrence for more than 2 years. In addition, there were only 21 and 32 sites with pigmentation and depigmentation, respectively. Over the past 5 years, we established a treatment protocol combining laser with 32P‐patch contact brachyradiotherapy, which represents a safe and effective option in the treatment of keloids.

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