Search results

How to sort and filter your search results

When displaying the search results, the criteria for sorting can be set. Sorting is possible according to relevance, topicality and in alphabetical order. Relevance is preset. For topicality and alphabetical order, the order can be reversed.

When searching in the TIB Portal, synonyms are automatically searched for. The synonyms used are displayed above the hit list for each search term used.

A search can be repeated without using synonyms.

The synonym search is only offered if the search terms entered are not truncated! A phrase search also overrides the search for synonyms.

Once you have searched and are on the results list, you can use filters to narrow down the results found.

Year of publication

For the year of publication, you can manually enter from when to when a publication should have appeared. It is also possible to enter only a number. If the publication is to have appeared in 2019 at the earliest, you can enter 2019 in the right-hand box and click on Ok. This will display all publications from 2019 to the present in the search.

Type of media

In the case of the media type, you can restrict which types of literature you are looking for. The TIB Portal not only lists books, but also patents, articles, journals and many other types of media. If you are now looking for a specific type, e.g. a book, you can restrict this using the media type filter.n.

Source You can restrict where the literature displayed comes from. The TIB Portal contains literature from many different data sources. However, if you only want to see the results from the TIB catalogue, for example, you can select the TIBKAT field.
Author It is possible to filter by author.
Subject There are some terms that are used quite differently in several disciplines. When searching for such a term, it is often worthwhile to narrow down by subject.
Type of material The format can be restricted to whether the results are available in printed form or whether they are electronic resources such as e-books or journal articles published online.
Licence In order to be able to provide online literature, libraries must acquire a licence. This happens as an individual library, but also through consortia of different libraries or nationally for all of Germany. In the filter option Licence, one can restrict according to which type of licence the results were acquired. In the case of literature that may require a licence, it may be that the TIB cannot offer access.
Language This filter can be restricted according to language. If only German literature is to be displayed, the option "German" can be selected here.
TIB redding rooms collection This filter can be used to restrict the search results to literature that is in the TIB's freely accessible reading rooms and that can be taken from the shelves itself.