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    Impact of Site-Specific Thermal Residual Stress on the Fatigue of Wind-Turbine Blades

    Antoniou, Alexandros / Rosemeier, Malo / Tazefidan, Kutlualp et al. | BASE | 2020

    Palatial neighbors. Comparing Elite Architectural Features in the Palace at Malia and the Court-Centered Building at Sissi

    Devolder, Maud / Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America | BASE | 2020

    A Customizable Lean Design Methodology for Maritime

    Sullivan, B. / Rossi, M. / Terzi, S. | BASE

    Biomechanical stress control in drywall installation ; r2p

    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health | BASE

    Explosion effects on mine ventilation stoppings

    Pittsburgh Research Laboratory (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) | BASE

    Proceedings of the second American Conference on Human Vibration, Chicago, IL, June 4-6, 2008 ; ACHV

    American Conference on Human Vibration 2008 : Morgantown, Chicago, IL) | BASE

    CETA: open, affordable and portable mixed-reality environment for low-cost tablets

    Marichal, Sebastián / Rosales, Andrea / Sansone, Gustavo et al. | BASE

    Motives for starting and sustaining BDS : empirical evidence Kenya

    Otieno, Hellen / Olomi, Donath R. / Kiraka, Ruth | BASE

    Using renewable energy in a sustainable and holistic manner as a tool to eradicate rural poverty in Africa

    Da Silva, Izael Pereira / Vendeirinho, Vivian / Njuguna, Paul Mwariri et al. | BASE

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