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    Effect of air temperature increase on changes in thermal regime of the Oder and Neman rivers flowing into the Baltic Sea

    Free access
    Choiński, Adam / Ptak, Mariusz / Volchak, Alexander et al. | BASE | 2021

    Martian subsurface cryosalt expansion and collapse as trigger for landslides

    Free access
    Bishop, J. L. / Yeşilbaş, Merve / Hinman, N. W. et al. | BASE | 2021

    Eutrophication and geochemistry drive pelagic calcite precipitation in lakes

    Free access
    Khan, Hares / Laas, Alo / Marcé, Rafael et al. | BASE | 2021

    The feasibility of shortwave infrared imaging and inverse numerical modeling for rapid estimation of soil hydraulic properties

    Free access
    Babaeian, Ebrahim / Sadeghi, Morteza / Gohardoust, Mohammad R. et al. | BASE | 2021

    Carbon emission from Western Siberian inland waters

    Free access
    Karlsson, Jan / Serikova, Svetlana / Vorobyev, Sergey N. et al. | BASE | 2021

    Vp/Vs ratios in the Parnaíba Basin from joint active-passive seismic analysis : Implications for continental amalgamation and basin formation

    Free access
    Schiffer, Christian / Lima, Marcus V. A. G. / Soares, José E. P. et al. | BASE | 2021

    Time-Scales of Inter-eruptive Volcano Uplift Signals: Three Sisters Volcanic center, Oregon (USA)

    Free access
    Rodríguez-Molina, Sara / González, Pablo J. / Charco, María et al. | BASE | 2021

    Canopy wetness in the Eastern Amazon

    Free access
    Binks, Oliver / Finnigan, John / Coughlin, Ingrid et al. | BASE | 2021

    The Deep Bedrock in Rome, Italy: A New Constraint Based on Passive Seismic Data Analysis

    Free access
    Marcucci, S. / Milana, G. / Hailemikael, S. et al. | BASE

    Contemporary stress orientations in the Andean retroarc between 34°S and 39°S from borehole breakout analysis

    Free access
    Guzman, Cecilia Griselda / Cristallini, Ernesto Osvaldo / Bottesi, G. | BASE

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