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  • ability
  • auffuhrung
  • auffuhrungen
  • darbietung
  • effizienz
  • fahigkeit
  • gebuhrenverzeichnis
  • kosteneffizienz
  • leistungsverzeichnis

    Research on Optimization Method of Extreme Learning Machine with Application of Information Technology

    National licence
    Zhang, Zhi Feng / Gan, Cheng / Ding, Xiao Jian et al. | Trans Tech Publications | 2013
    Keywords: Support Vector Machine (SVM), Extreme Learning Machine, Generalization Ability

    Research on Optimization Method of Extreme Learning Machine

    National licence
    Zheng, Zong Liang | Trans Tech Publications | 2012
    Keywords: Generalization Ability, Extreme Learning Machine, Support Vector Machine (SVM)

    A machine-learning approach to predicting and understanding the properties of amorphous metallic alloys

    Xiong, Jie / Shi, San-Qiang / Zhang, Tong-Yi | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Machine learning, Glassforming ability

    The gradient boosting algorithm and random boosting for genome-assisted evaluation in large data sets

    González-Recio, O. / Jiménez-Montero, J.A. / Alenda, R. | Elsevier | 2012
    Keywords: machine learning, predictive ability

    Generalization ability of extreme learning machine with uniformly ergodic Markov chains

    Yuan, Peipei / Chen, Hong / Zhou, Yicong et al. | Elsevier | 2015
    Keywords: Generalization ability, Extreme learning machine

    Multivariate adaptation and classification method for characteristic sample properties

    Sartorius, Gerhard / Talbot, Steven R. | Wiley | 2011
    Keywords: Machine learning, Multi‐class ability

    Comparison of methods for the implementation of genome-assisted evaluation of Spanish dairy cattle

    Jiménez-Montero, J.A. / González-Recio, O. / Alenda, R. | Elsevier | 2012
    Keywords: machine learning, predictive ability

    Non-Linear Interactions and Exchange Rate Prediction: Empirical Evidence Using Support Vector Regression

    Yaohao, Peng / Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique Melo | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2019
    Keywords: machine learning, predictive ability

    Electro/Acoustic Improvisation and Deeply Listening Machines

    Van Nort, Doug / Oliveros, Pauline / Braasch, Jonas | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2013
    Keywords: performance, machine learning, machine composition

    Performance of copper-coated stereolithographic electrodes with internal cooling channels in electric discharge machining (EDM)

    Anil, Devrim / Çoğun, Can | Emerald Group Publishing | 2008
    Keywords: Machine ability

    A fast kernel extreme learning machine based on conjugate gradient

    He, Chunmei / Xu, Fanhua / Liu, Yaqi et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2018
    Keywords: Kernel extreme learning machine, generalization ability

    Prediction of Top Coal Caving Ability Based on Support Vector Machine

    National licence
    Shi, Yong Kui / Sun, Ting Ting / Hao, Jian et al. | Trans Tech Publications | 2012
    Keywords: Top Coal Caving Ability, Support Vector Machine (SVM)

    Boosting label weighted extreme learning machine for classifying multi-label imbalanced data

    Cheng, Ke / Gao, Shang / Dong, Wenlu et al. | Elsevier | 2020
    Keywords: Extreme learning machine, Generalization ability

    Comparison between induction machine and interior permanent magnet machine for electric vehicle application

    Guan, Y. / Zhu, Z.Q. / Afinowi, I.A.A. et al. | Emerald Group Publishing | 2016
    Keywords: Induction machine, Synchronous machine, Electromagnetic performance, Interior permanent magnet machine

    Summary of the Machine Tool Stiffness Method

    National licence
    Guan, Jia Liang / Chen, Ling / Zhu, Lei | Trans Tech Publications | 2014
    Keywords: Machine Tool Stiffness, Performance Optimization, Machine Rigidity Research Methods

    Conceptual design and kinetostatic analysis of a modular parallel kinematic machine-based hybrid machine tool for large aeronautic components

    Tang, Tengfei / Zhang, Jun | Elsevier | 2018
    Keywords: Parallel kinematic machine, Hybrid machine tool, Performance index

    TBM performance prediction with Bayesian optimization and automated machine learning

    Zhang, Qianli / Hu, Weifei / Liu, Zhenyu et al. | Elsevier | 2020
    Keywords: Performance prediction, Machine learning

    Data-based description of process performance in end-to-end order processing

    Schuh, Günther / Gützlaff, Andreas / Schmitz, Seth et al. | Elsevier | 2020
    Keywords: Performance, Machine learning

    Machine learning predictive models for optimal design of building‐integrated photovoltaic‐thermal collectors

    Shahsavar, Amin / Moayedi, Hossein / Al‐Waeli, Ali H. A. et al. | Wiley | 2020
    Keywords: exergetic performance, machine learning, performance evaluation criteria

    Model-Based Resource Utilization and Performance Risk Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques

    A.M Salih, Haitham / Ammar, Hany H | BASE | 2017
    Keywords: machine learning, performance

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