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    Non‐O1, non‐O139 Vibrio cholerae bacteraemia in an Australian population

    Trubiano, J. A. / Lee, J. Y. H. / Valcanis, M. et al. | Wiley | 2014
    Keywords: non‐toxigenic, non‐O1, non‐O139.

    Three-dimensional, non-stationary and non-Gaussian (3D-NS-NG) wind fields and their implications to wind–structure interaction problems

    Hangan, Horia / Romanic, Djordje / Jubayer, Chowdhury | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Non-synoptic winds, Non-stationary, Non-Gaussian

    Peridynamic plates and flat shells: A non-ordinary, state-based model

    O’Grady, James / Foster, John | Elsevier | 2014
    Keywords: Non-ordinary model, Non-local model, Non-local plate

    Molecular functions and biological roles of long non‐coding RNAs in human physiology and disease

    Kopp, Florian | Wiley | 2019
    Keywords: long non‐coding RNA, non‐coding genome, non‐coding transcriptome

    Peridynamic beams: A non-ordinary, state-based model

    O’Grady, James / Foster, John | Elsevier | 2014
    Keywords: Non-ordinary model, Non-local model, Non-local beam

    Characterization of A5 and SL(2,5) by the number of conjugacy classes of non-cyclic subgroups

    Rezazadeh, Zahra / Taeri, Bijan | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2017
    Keywords: Conjugacy classes of non-normal subgroups, non-cyclic subgroups, non-normal subgroups, non-solvable groups

    Quantification of Damping

    Adhikari, Sondipon | Wiley | 2014
    Keywords: non‐proportional damping, non‐viscosity indices, non‐viscous damping, non‐viscous damping matrix

    Exergy dynamics of systems in thermal or concentration non-equilibrium

    Sciubba, Enrico / Zullo, Federico | BASE | 2017
    Keywords: non-equilibrium thermodynamics, non-equilibrium diffusion

    W-shaped, bright and kink solitons in the quadratic-cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with time and space modulated nonlinearities and potentials

    Triki, Houria / Porsezian, K. / Choudhuri, Amitava et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2017
    Keywords: Non-linear optics, non-linearity

    Non-Traditional Materials, Technology and Non-Traditional Research Mode

    National licence
    Ye, Qiang / Ju, Tuo Wen / Chen, Na | Trans Tech Publications | 2012
    Keywords: Non-Traditional Materials, Non-Traditional Research Mode, Non-Traditional Technologies

    On Metallurgical Processes and Non‐Equilibrium Thermodynamics

    Wei, Ji‐He / Hu, Han‐Tao | Wiley | 2016
    Keywords: non‐linearity, non‐equilibrium, non‐equilibrium thermodynamics

    Relationship between three commonly used non‐invasive fibrosis biomarkers and improvement in fibrosis stage in patients with non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis

    Chalasani, Naga / Abdelmalek, Manal F. / Loomba, Rohit et al. | Wiley | 2019
    Keywords: non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis, non‐invasive

    Theoretical and numerical aspects of nonlinear reflection–transmission phenomena in acoustics

    Wójcik, Janusz / Gambin, Barbara | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Non-linear sound wave, Non-linear reflection, Non-classical absorption

    A semantic challenge to non-realist cognitivism

    Copp, David | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2018
    Keywords: Non-realist cognitivism, non-metaphysical non-naturalism, normative non-realism

    Nonlinear thermal convection of a non-Fourier fluid

    Khorasany, Rahim M / Khayat, Roger E / Niknami, Mohammad | Emerald Group Publishing | 2016
    Keywords: Non-linear, Non-Fourier

    An investigation into the significance of the non-linear terms in the equations of motion for a cantilevered beam

    Freno, Brian A. / Cizmas, Paul G.A. | Elsevier | 2012
    Keywords: Non-linear beam model, Non-linear structural dynamics, Structural non-linearities

    A non-linear stochastic approach of ligaments and tendons fractional-order hereditariness

    Bologna, E. / Lopomo, N. / Marchiori, G. et al. | Elsevier | 2020
    Keywords: Non-linear creep, Non-linear relaxation

    Clients' experience of non‐response to psychological therapy: A qualitative analysis

    Radcliffe, Kay / Masterson, Ciara / Martin, Carol | Wiley | 2018
    Keywords: non‐improvement, non‐response

    Non-agricultural Population, Employment and Land: An Econometric Study in an Integrated Framework

    Weiyan, Hu / Anlu, Zhang / Caixia, Liu | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2009
    Keywords: non-agricultural population, non-agricultural employment, non-agricultural land

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