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    A solution to the fundamental linear complex-order differential equation

    Adams, Jay L. / Hartley, Tom T. / Adams, Lynn I. | Elsevier | 2008
    Keywords: Fractional-order systems, Fractional-order differential equations, Complex-order derivatives, Complex-order systems, Complex-order differential equations

    From fractional-order to complex-order integrator loop gain: Robust control design and its stability analysis

    Rahmani, Mohammad Reza / Jalali, Ali Akbar | SAGE Publications | 2019
    Keywords: Complex-order differintegral, fractional-order

    Stability Analysis of Fractional Order Complex-Valued Memristive Neural Networks with Time Delays

    Hongzhi Wei / Ruoxia Li / Chunrong Chen et al. | Online Contents | 2017
    Keywords: Fractional-order, Complex-valued, Complex systems

    Real space manifestations of coherent screening in atomic scale Kondo lattices

    Moro Lagares, María / Korytár, Richard / Piantek, Marten et al. | BASE | 2019
    Keywords: hidden order, complex

    Design of novel optimal complex-order controllers for systems with fractional-order dynamics

    Tare, Arti V. / Jacob, Joel A. / Vyawahare, Vishwesh A. et al. | Springer Verlag | 2018
    Keywords: Fractional-order system, Complex-order derivative, Complex-order PID controller

    Shelling Coxeter-like complexes and sorting on trees

    Hersh, Patricia | Elsevier | 2009
    Keywords: Weak order, Coxeter complex, Chessboard complex

    An adaptive neuro-complex-fuzzy-inferential modeling mechanism for generating higher-order TSK models

    Liu, Yan / Liu, Fang | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Complex, Higher-order

    Complex-order particle swarm optimization

    Machado, J.A. Tenreiro / Abedi Pahnehkolaei, Seyed Mehdi / Alfi, Alireza | Elsevier | 2020
    Keywords: Complex order

    Linear extensions and order-preserving poset partitions

    Jenča, Gejza / Sarkoci, Peter | Elsevier | 2011
    Keywords: Order complex

    The absolute order on the symmetric group, constructible partially ordered sets and Cohen–Macaulay complexes

    Athanasiadis, Christos A. / Kallipoliti, Myrto | Elsevier | 2007
    Keywords: Partial order, Absolute order, Constructible complex, Cohen–Macaulay complex

    Pinning synchronization of fractional-order delayed complex networks with non-delayed and delayed couplings

    Chen, Liping / Wu, Ranchao / Chu, Zhaobi et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2017
    Keywords: fractional-order system, complex network

    A Dynamic Re-Configuration and Order Optimization Model and Optimization Algorithm in Complex System

    National licence
    Yang, Ya Hong / Wang, Ying | Trans Tech Publications | 2010
    Keywords: Complex System, Order Optimization

    The Projective Synchronization of Drive-Reponse Complex Dynamical Networks

    National licence
    Jia, Feng Ling | Trans Tech Publications | 2014
    Keywords: Complex Network, Fractional-Order Nodes

    Order, robustness and instabilities in complex systems

    Institutt for energiteknikk | British Library Conference Proceedings | 2009
    Keywords: Complex systems, Order

    On the relationship between the lower order of coefficients and the growth of solutions of differential equations

    Long, Jianren / Heittokangas, Janne / Ye, Zhuan | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Complex differential equation, Hyper-order, Lower order

    A lexicographic shellability characterization of geometric lattices

    Davidson, Ruth / Hersh, Patricia | Elsevier | 2013
    Keywords: Order complex

    Vehicle demand evolution analysis from the complex network perspective

    Jiang, Zhong-Yuan / Wang, Qiang / Liu, Zhi-Quan et al. | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Complex network, DiDi order

    Stability and Control of Fractional Chaotic Complex Networks with Mixed Interval Uncertainties

    Zhang, Hao / Wang, Xing‐yuan / Lin, Xiao‐hui | Wiley | 2017
    Keywords: Complex dynamical networks, fractional order

    Complexation of rosmarinic acid with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin and methyl-β-cyclodextrin: Formation of 2:1 complexes with improved antioxidant activity

    Veras, Kleyton Santos / Silveira Fachel, Flávia Nathiely / Delagustin, Maria Gabriele et al. | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Inclusion complex, Non-inclusion complex, Higher-order complexes

    Order complexes of coset posets of finite groups are not contractible

    Shareshian, John / Woodroofe, Russ | Elsevier | 2015
    Keywords: Order complex

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