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  • safety
  • security

    Information security as a national security component

    Alguliyev, Rasim M. / Imamverdiyev, Yadigar N. / Mahmudov, Rasim Sh. et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2021
    Keywords: National security, information security, military security, economic security, energy security

    Water and U.S. national security

    Busby, Joshua / Council on Foreign Relationspublisher | TIBKAT | 2017
    Keywords: Security, International, National security, Water security

    Security Warning Life Cycle: Challenges and Panacea

    Samsudin, Nur Farhana / Zaaba, Zarul Fitri | BASE | 2017
    Keywords: Security, Security Dialogues, Security Warning, Usable Security


    V & R unipress GmbH | TIBKAT | 2017
    Keywords: Sicherheit, Innere Sicherheit

    Cloud Infrastructure Security

    GhasemiGol, Mohammad | Wiley | 2019
    Keywords: Information security, Infrastructure security, Virtualization Security, Hypervisor Security

    Novel efficient techniques for real-time cloud security assessment

    Modic, Jolanda / Trapero, Ruben / Taha, Ahmed et al. | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Cloud security, Security quantification, Security evaluation, Security level agreements, Security metrics

    Critiquing the regulation of private security in the United Kingdom: views from inside the sector

    Mawby, Rob / Gill, Martin | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2017
    Keywords: Governance of security, security regulation, security sector, security managers

    Deciphering China in the Middle East

    Rózsa, Erzsébet | EU Bookshop | 2020
    Keywords: europäische Sicherheit, internationale Sicherheit, Sicherheit einer geografischen Region

    Die Erfindung der Sicherheit : zehn Geniestreiche, die unser Leben verändert haben

    Brauner, Silvia / Thissen, Karin / Rosik, Katrin et al. | TIBKAT | 2017
    Keywords: Sicherheit, Technische Sicherheit

    Automating Security Risk and Requirements Management for Cyber-Physical Systems

    Hansch, Gerhard | Fraunhofer Publica | 2020
    Keywords: security risk management, risk-driven security, security requirements, automotive security, CPS security, IIoT security, OT security

    Personal Security within the Human Security Paradigm

    Gierszewski, Janusz | DataCite | 2017
    Keywords: state security, human security, personal security

    Personal Security: Current State and Development Prospects for the Reflection on Security of Individuals and Human Collectivitie

    Urbanek, Andrzej | DataCite | 2017
    Keywords: personal security, structural security, human security

    A Survey on Systems Security Metrics

    Pendleton, Marcus / Garcia-Lebron, Richard / Cho, Jin-Hee et al. | Online Contents | 2017
    Keywords: quantitative security, security measurement, security foundation, Security metrics

    Socio-technical systems cybersecurity framework

    Malatji, Masike / Von Solms, Sune / Marnewick, Annlizé | Emerald Group Publishing | 2019
    Keywords: Information security, Security


    TIBKAT | Nachgewiesen 8.1977 - 24.1993,7
    Keywords: Kollektive Sicherheit, Internationale Sicherheit

    Review on soft target/public space protection guidance

    Karlos, Vasilis / Larcher, Martin / Solomos, George et al. | EU Bookshop | 2018
    Keywords: europäische Sicherheit, internationale Sicherheit, Sicherheit einer geografischen Region, öffentliche Sicherheit


    Edgerton, Michael | Wiley | 2013
    Keywords: maritime security, port security, design security, security risk

    Security behaviors of smartphone users

    Das, Amit / Khan, Habib Ullah | Emerald Group Publishing | 2016
    Keywords: Security, Information security

    Sicherheit : ein (un)stillbares Grundbedürfnis

    Frevel, Bernhard | TIBKAT | 2016
    Keywords: Sicherheit, Innere Sicherheit

    Estimating influence of threat using Misuse Case Oriented Quality Requirements (MCOQR) metrics: Security requirements engineering perspective

    Banerjee, Chitresh / Banerjee, Arpita / Sharma, S.K. | IOS Press | 2017
    Keywords: Security, software security, security metrics, software security metrics, security requirements engineering

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