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  • temperature

    Dyson-Schwinger approach to color superconductivity at finite temperature and density

    Müller, D. / Buballa, M. / Wambach, J. | Tema Archive | 2013
    Keywords: kritische Temperatur, endliche Temperatur, höhere Temperatur

    Survey and analysis of internal temperatures of Lebanese domestic refrigerators

    Hassan, Hussein F. / Dimassi, Hani / El Amin, Rafal | Tema Archive | 2015
    Keywords: Temperatur, durchschnittliche Temperatur, innere Temperatur

    The European climate under a 2 °C global warming

    Vautard, Robert / Gobiet, Andreas / Sobolowski, Stefan et al. | Tema Archive | 2014
    Keywords: durchschnittliche Temperatur, extreme Temperatur


    Smorodinskij, Jakov Abramovič | TIBKAT | 2007
    Keywords: Temperatur

    Application of geographical information system (GIS) for the development of climatological air temperature vulnerability maps: An example from Morocco

    Lagrini, Khaoula / Ghafiri, Abdessamad / Ouali, Abdellah et al. | Wiley | 2020
    Keywords: air temperature, high temperature, low temperature, temperature amplitude, temperature maps, temperature vulnerability

    Vereinfachter brandschutztechnischer Nachweis für Bauteile bei lokal begrenzten Bränden in großen Räumen

    Hosser, D. / Dehne, M. | Wiley | 2013
    Keywords: Plume‐Temperatur, Ceiling Jet‐Temperatur

    Influence of temperature on the friction performance of gear oils in rolling–sliding and pure sliding contacts

    Vengudusamy, Balasubramaniam / Grafl, Alexander / Novotny-Farkas, Franz et al. | Tema Archive | 2014
    Keywords: Temperatur, erhöhte Temperatur, höhere Temperatur

    Characteristics of the hydration heat evolution of composite binder at different hydrating temperature

    Han, Fanghui / Liu, Rengguang / Wang, Dongmin et al. | Tema Archive | 2014
    Keywords: Temperatur, erhöhte Temperatur

    Parylene AF-4 via the Trapping of a Phenoxy Leaving Group

    Senkevich, Jay J. | Tema Archive | 2013
    Keywords: Temperatur

    The Effects of Temperature and Vacancies on the Elastic Modulus and Strength of Graphene Sheet

    Liang, Yingjing / Han, Qiang / Huan, Shi | Tema Archive | 2015
    Keywords: Temperatur, endliche Temperatur

    Study on Integrated Climatic Index for Low Temperature Injury of Loquat in Putian

    Yang, Kai / Chen, Bin-Bin / Chen, Hui et al. | Tema Archive | 2013
    Keywords: kritische Temperatur, Temperatur

    Meteorologische Feuchtemessungen mit kapazitiven Polymer-Sensoren bei tiefen Temperaturen

    Rombach, M. / Demisch, U. / Verein Deutscher Ingenieure et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings | 2003
    Keywords: temperatur

    Martensitic transformation temperatures and microstructural features of FeMnCr alloys

    Troiani, H.E. / Sade, M. / Bertolino, G. et al. | Tema Archive | 2009
    Keywords: MS-Temperatur, As-Temperatur

    Memristors under the influence of noise and temperature

    Patterson, G.A. / Sangiuliano Jimka, F. / Fierens, P.I. et al. | Tema Archive | 2015
    Keywords: Temperatur, erhöhte Temperatur

    Thermal entanglement in the mixed three-spin XXZ Heisenberg model on a triangular cell

    Han, Seyit-Deniz / Aydiner, Ekrem | Tema Archive | 2014
    Keywords: erhöhte Temperatur, endliche Temperatur

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