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Used synonyms:

  • lebensmittel
  • nahrung
  • nahrungsmittel

Used synonyms:

  • produktionstechnologie
  • technique
  • technologie

    Vom Demonstrator zum Prototyp. Der schwere Weg der Terahertz-Technologie in die Industrie

    Kelch, Johannes | Tema Archive | 2010
    Keywords: Technologie, Nahrungsmittel, Terahertz-Technologie

    Food scenarios 2025: Drivers of change between global and regional

    Sundbo, Jon | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Food, Delphi technique

    Voltammetric Techniques

    Escarpa, Alberto / González, María Cristina / López, Miguel Ángel et al. | Wiley | 2015
    Keywords: DPSV technique, food analysis, pulse technique, voltammetric technique

    A Delphi-based approach to developing and validating a farm food safety risk assessment tool by experts

    Soon, J.M. / Davies, W.P. / Chadd, S.A. et al. | Elsevier | 2012
    Keywords: Delphi technique, Food safety

    Vorhersage von intragastralen Nahrungsmitteleffekten : Untersuchungen zur Wirkstofffreisetzung und Magenpassage fester oraler Arzneiformen

    Free access
    Koziolek, Mirko | TIBKAT | 2014
    Keywords: Pharmazeutische Technologie, Lebensmittel

    Lebensmittel-Technologie: Aussteller informieren

    British Library Conference Proceedings | 1996
    Keywords: lebensmittel-technologie

    Initial Household Assets and Profitability of Urban Farming

    Adenegan, Kemisola Omorinre / Balogun, Olubunmi Lawrence / Yusuf, Taibat Olukemi | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2016
    Keywords: Budgetary technique, food security

    Food Safety Analysis Using Electrochemical Biosensors

    Free access
    Geetesh Kumar Mishra / Abbas Barfidokht / Farshad Tehrani et al. | DOAJ | 2018
    Keywords: food safety, electrochemical technique, food analysis, Chemical technology

    Antifungal activity of herbal extracts against plant pathogenic fungi

    Bhagwat, Manasi K. / Datar, Ajit G. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2014
    Keywords: poisoned food technique

    Impact of spiking techniques on the survival of Staphylococcus aureus in artificially contaminated condiments

    Dinh Thanh, Mai / Frentzel, Hendrik / Fetsch, Alexandra et al. | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Food safety, Inoculation technique

    Einfluss technologischer Verfahren auf die Bioverfügbarkeit von Vitamin E aus angereicherten Lebensmitteln

    Free access
    Schneider, Inga | BASE | 2010
    Keywords: fortified food, technology, angereicherte Lebensmittel, Technologie

    Challenges and opportunities in polysaccharides research and technology: The EPNOE views for the next decade in the areas of materials, food and health care

    Persin, Z. / Stana-Kleinschek, K. / Foster, T.J. et al. | Tema Archive | 2011
    Keywords: Technologie, Nahrungsmittel

    Nutraceuticals and innovative food products for healthy living and preventive care

    Verma, Amit / Srivastava, Kajal / Singh, Shivom | TIBKAT | 2018
    Keywords: Functional Food, Food Technology

    Major challenges to achieving food security in rural, Iran

    Ataei, Pouria / Sadighi, Hassan / Izadi, Nasim | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2021
    Keywords: food availability, Delphi technique

    The World Food Prize 2016

    Online Contents | 2016
    Keywords: Food, Technologie

    Electroanalytical biosensors and their potential for food pathogen and toxin detection

    Palchetti, Ilaria / Mascini, Marco | Tema Archive | 2008
    Keywords: Nahrungsmittel, Lab-on-a-Chip-Technologie

    Development of a lab-on-a-chip for detection of bacteria in food samples

    Sarkar, Dibyo / Jamal, Iqbal / Mitra, Sushanta K. | Tema Archive | 2013
    Keywords: Lebensmittel, Lab-on-a-Chip-Technologie

    Comparison of spindle and stomacher efficacy for detaching biofilms from stainless steel, PVC, and green leafy vegetable surfaces

    Kim, Wooju / Jeong, Ki-Ok / Cheon, Ho-Lyeong et al. | Emerald Group Publishing | 2019
    Keywords: Food safety, Food processing, Food testing, Food technology

    Antifungal activity of extracts of the lichens Parmelia reticulata, Ramalina roesleri, Usnea longissima and Stereocaulon himalayense

    Goel, Mayurika / Sharma, P. K. / Dureja, P. et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2011
    Keywords: food poison technique

    A Simpler, `Unified Method' of Preparation-Cum-Processing of RTE Foods - Accomplishing Significant Cost Economies and Quality Enhancement

    Rao, P.V.S.P. / Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) | British Library Conference Proceedings | 2012
    Keywords: Food science, SAFEST technology, Food technology

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