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    T-connected Transformer with a Voltage Source Converter for Voltage Control of an Isolated Asynchronous Generator

    Kasal, Gaurav Kumar / Singh, Bhim | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2011
    Keywords: Stand-alone power generation, Voltage source converter

    Power Plants Based on Renewables and Electrochemical Energy Storage and Generation Systems for Decentralized Autonomous Power Supply

    Grigoriev, A. S. / Skorlygin, V. V. / Grigoriev, S. A. et al. | Springer Verlag | 2019
    Keywords: stand-alone power plant, renewable power source, decentralized power supply

    Verification of Characteristics of a Boost‐Type Matrix Converter for a Three‐Phase Four‐Wire System

    Keywords: standalone power source

    Verification of Characteristics of a Boost‐Type Matrix Converter for a Three‐Phase Four‐Wire System

    Keywords: standalone power source

    Control of a new stand-alone wind turbine-based variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator using quasi-Z-source inverter

    Bajestan, Mehran Moslehi / Madadi, Hamed / Shamsinejad, Mohammad Ali | Elsevier | 2019
    Keywords: Stand-alone wind energy conversion system (SWECS), Quasi-Z-source inverter (qZSI), Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

    Stand Alone Performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Power Generator with Current Source Matrix Converter

    Hojabri, Hossein / Mokhtari, Hossein / Chang, Liuchen | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: stand-alone, current source, Wind power

    Design and analysis of a virtual synchronous generator control strategy in microgrid application for stand-alone sites

    El Tawil, Tony / Yao, Gang / Charpentier, Jean Frédéric et al. | IET | 2019
    Keywords: diesel-electric power stations, power generation control, distributed power generation, power grids, stand-alone sites, stand-alone microgrid context, diesel power plant, single renewable energy source, system power output

    A control strategy to enhance the life time of the battery in a stand-alone PV system with DC loads

    Maheswari, Lakshmanan / Srinivasa Rao, P. / Sivakumaran, N. et al. | IET | 2017
    Keywords: photovoltaic power systems, power control, stand-alone photovoltaic system, PV power, load power, constant current source

    Development and implementation of control of stand-alone PMSG-based distributed energy system with variation in input and output parameters

    Mishra, Rupa / Banerjee, Udayan / Sekhar, Thotakura N.S.C. et al. | IET | 2019
    Keywords: power generation control, distributed power generation, power system simulation, voltage-source convertors, stand-alone permanent magnet synchronous generator, power circuit, voltage source converter, stand-alone PMSG-based distributed energy system, variable source output demand

    Integral-resonant control for stand-alone voltage source inverters

    Lidozzi, Alessandro / Lo Calzo, Giovanni / Solero, Luca et al. | IET | 2014
    Keywords: power convertors, power distribution control, stand-alone voltage source inverters, three-phase four-leg voltage source inverters, autonomous power generating units, four-wire electric power distribution systems, power converter prototype, zero-overhead power factor regulation, apparent power 25 kVA

    Voltage and power control used to stabilise the distributed generation system for stand-alone or grid-connected operation

    Gonçalves, Amilcar Flamarion Querubini / Aguiar, Cassius R. / Bastos, Renan F. et al. | IET | 2016
    Keywords: distributed power generation, power grids, power distribution control, power system harmonics, power harmonic filters, reactive power control, stand-alone operation, power management, active power control mechanism, reactive power control mechanism, power flow, voltage source inverter

    Optimal load sharing strategy for a wind/diesel/battery hybrid power system based on imperialist competitive neural network algorithm

    Safari, Masoud / Sarvi, Mohammad | IET | 2014
    Keywords: hybrid power systems, wind power plants, power engineering computing, wind-diesel-battery hybrid power system, stand-alone hybrid power generation system, wind source, energy source

    Non-linear voltage regulator design for DC/DC boost converters used in photovoltaic applications: analysis and experimental results

    Konstantopoulos, George C. / Alexandridis, Antonio T. | IET | 2013
    Keywords: DC-DC power convertors, photovoltaic power systems, power generation control, dc-dc boost power converter, stand-alone photovoltaic system, PV source voltage, three-phase voltage source inverter

    Process Integration for Hybrid Power System supply planning and demand management – A review

    Mohammad Rozali, Nor Erniza / Wan Alwi, Sharifah Rafidah / Manan, Zainuddin Abdul et al. | Elsevier | 2016
    Keywords: Source composite curves, Hybrid Power Systems, Power Pinch Analysis, Power Composite Curves, PoWer Cascade Table, Stand-alone hybrid system power pinch analysis, Power Pinch Analysis (PoPA), Hybrid Power Systems (HPS)

    Plant application of ICARE/ASTECv2.0r3 computer code for investigation of in-vessel melt retention in VVER-1000 reactor design

    Gencheva, R. / Stefanova, A. / Groudev, P. | Elsevier | 2015
    Keywords: Accident Source Term Evaluation Code, nuclear power plant, Stand-alone calculation

    Single-phase boost DC-link integrated cascaded multilevel inverter for PV applications

    Madhu Babu, Sambhani / Narasimharaju, Beeramangalla Lakshminarasaiah | IET | 2020
    Keywords: power capacitors, photovoltaic power systems, single-phase stand-alone photovoltaic applications, isolated DC source

    Control, implementation, and analysis of a dual two-level photovoltaic inverter based on modified proportional–resonant controller

    Kumar, Nayan / Saha, Tapas Kumar / Dey, Jayati | IET | 2018
    Keywords: photovoltaic power systems, power generation control, power grids, power transformers, stand-alone mode, dual two-level voltage source inverter fed three-phase winding transformer, dual two-level voltage source inverter fed open-end winding transformer
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