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    Influence of Re substitution on the flux pinning in (Hg,Re)Ba2Ca2Cu3O8+d single crystals

    Puzniak, R. / Karpinski, J. / Wisniewski, A. et al. | Online Contents

    Coupling current control in Rutherford cables wound with NbTi, Nb3Sn, and Bi:2212-Ag

    Sumption, M.D. / Scanlan, R.M. / Collings, E.W. | Online Contents

    Influence of the multilayer HTS-cable conductor design on the current distribution

    Sytnikov, V.E. / Dolgosheev, P.I. / Svalov, G.G. et al. | Online Contents

    The transport current redistribution between the core layers on the models of HTS cables

    Dolgosheev, P.I. / Sytnikov, V.E. / Svalov, G.G. et al. | Online Contents

    Numerical modelings of superconducting wires for AC loss calculations

    Amemiya, Naoyuki / Murasawa, Shun-ichi / Banno, Nobuya et al. | Online Contents

    Phase transition from a to +idxy superconductor

    Ghosh, Angsula / Adhikari, Sadhan K. | Online Contents

    New Tl 2201 (Tl,Cr)2Sr2CuO6(plus-minus)d phase material

    Xin, Y. / Xu, B.R. / Wong, K.W. | Online Contents

    The observation of sonic range velocities of normal zone propagation in high current density superconductor

    Kuroedov, Yu D. / Dorofeev, G.L. / Gershenkroy, V.L. et al. | Online Contents

    AC-induced DC voltage in HTS coil

    Al-Omari, I.A. / Shaked, N. / Friedman, A. et al. | Online Contents

    Magnetic and mechanical AC loss of the ITER CS1 model coil conductor under transverse cyclic loading

    Nijhuis, Arend / Noordman, Niels H.W. / ten Kate, Herman H.J. et al. | Online Contents

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