21st International Conference on Grey Literature 2019 in Hannover

Open Science encompasses New Forms of Grey Literature

The 21st International Conference on Grey Literature (GL21) will take place on 22 and 23 October 2019 in the Leibnizhaus in Hannover. The event is organised by the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology.

Under the motto "Open Science encompasses New Forms of Grey Literature", the two-day English-language conference seeks to demonstrate how the principles of science and advancements in information technology have impacted the field of grey literature and in turn how grey literature by implementing these has contributed to the open science movement.

The term grey literature refers to publications such as conference proceedings, congress and research reports, unpublished university papers, expert reports, working papers and Diplom theses that cannot be obtained from bookshops. Grey literature from science and technology is one of the focus areas of the TIB. Amongst other things, TIB collects grey research reports and grey conference proceedings.

The program of the conference is now available.

Registration for the conference is open. The number of participants is limited. Participants from German libraries, universities and other academic institutions are free of charge. During the registration process, please enter the code "TIB 2019" in the "Method of Payment" field.

More information about the GL21

Date: 22 October to 23 October 2019
Location: Leibnizhaus in Hannover