Workshop hosted by the Format Recognition nestor work group

Format recognition, format validation and tools

The Format Recognition nestor work group invites all those interested to attend a one-day workshop on “Format recognition, format validation and tools” on 29 June 2017. The interactive workshop is directed at practitioners involved in digital preservation. During the event, an explanation will be given of how individual tools function, and which tools are suitable for which purpose. The aim is to provide participants with the knowledge needed to select tools and to interpret the output in archiving workflows. A USB stick containing test files and the tools used during the workshop will be made available to all participants on the day of the event. The tools covered during the workshop include: DROID, Siegfried, Fido, file (libmagic), JHOVE and others.

The workshop will be held on the day after this year’s nestor Practitioners’ Day in Kiel. Michelle Lindlar from the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) – German National Library of Science and Technology will help run the workshop.

More information about the Workshop hosted by the Format Recognition nestor work group

Date: 29 June 2017, 10:00-15:00
Location: ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel