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A question of price? About the free reusability of Open Access publications in science

4th Information Literacy Workshop in Hannover – a review

The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports Scientific.Net licence from 2017 to 2019

Videos freely and permanently available in TIB’s AV-Portal

Recordings of the conference will be permanently archived in the AV-Portal and made freely available

100 percent open access in 2020, reusability of research ata, and increasing academic incentives for open science are core aspects of the plan

Postdocs have until 9 March 2017 to apply to the “Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowship” programme

In what way do university lecturers make use of Open Science and Open Educational Resources in academic teaching?

Several mathematics journals are freely accessible from 2017 on

The University’s examination session has started: overview of study environment options