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TIB’s Visual Analytics Research Group develops innovative geolocalisation method

The lectures of the Open-Access-Tage 2018 in Graz are permanently archived and freely available in the AV-Portal

An interview with TIB’s Michelle Lindlar on digital preservation

Reservation of rooms and workstations for the TIB Technik/Naturwissenschaften (Science/Technology) and Conti-Campus sites

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: Six binder files and reels and reels of film material tell the adventure of an expedition to Mexico 30 years ago

Exchange on the subject of China: focus on presentations on strategy, competence and expertise

Latest developments in Open Access activities at Leibniz Universität Hannover and TIB as well as general trends in the area of Open Access

Big Data in the Life Sciences

Honorable Mention Award for the paper "Finding Person Relations in Image Data of News Collections in the Internet Archive"

TIB Research Group Visual Analytics participates in OER-Camps