Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung publishes volume on "Digitisation in Science”

Publication presents digital services of TIB

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has published a current overview of digital change in science. The publication "Digitisation in Science" (Digitalisierung in der Wissenschaft) documents the event "Wahrheit in der digitalen Welt - Welche Folgen hat die Digitalisierung in der Wissenschaft?" and is now available online. Prof. Dr. Sören Auer, Director of the German National Library of Science and Technology, gave a lecture on the challenges and opportunities for libraries associated with digitisation at the conference of the "Network of Excellence at German Universities" in March 2018.

"Scientific work is revolutionized by knowledge graphs"

The publication "Digitisation in Science" deals with Open Access, Open Data, Open Science as well as digitisation in data management and also presents the TIB's digital services within this context. In particular, the aim of the TIB to represent and communicate knowledge in the future by means of knowledge graphs, will be examined in more detail. "Scientific work is being revolutionized by knowledge graphs, since information and research results can be networked and better associated with complex information needs," says Sören Auer.

Digitalisierung in der Wissenschaft

Angela Borgwardt. - 1. Auflage. - Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Abt. Studienförderung, 2018. - 69 Seiten = 1 MB, PDF-File. - (Schriftenreihe des Netzwerk Exzellenz an Deutschen Hochschulen) Electronic ed.: Berlin : FES, 2018 ISBN 978-3-96250-164-8