Artificial Intelligence for OER?

TIB Research Group Visual Analytics participates in OER-Camps

At the end of August, TIB research group Visual Analytics participated in the Jointly OER and IT Summer Camp, which took place in Weimar. The camp covered in several, parallel sessions various IT topics related to OER. One of these sessions was dedicated to the development of AI-based solutions (AI: Artificial Intelligence). Current ideas from the OER community were directly realised and implemented in a hackathon. A team from the Visual Analytics research group - consisting of Matthias Springstein, Anett Hoppe and Ralph Ewerth – organised and coordinated the hackathon on the topic of "The Magic Curriculum". Its goal was the development of an automatic assignment of educational material to the respective subject or grade according to the official curriculum of a federal state. In the interdisciplinary project group, which consisted of participants from different institutions, several prototypes were developed based on machine learning methods. A first prototype assigned the materials to typical school subjects such as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and German. A second extended prototype was aimed to recognize all subjects of the Bavarian curriculum. After a presentation at the end of the workshop, the project team "The Magic Curriculum" even received the award for the "Best Session" of the summer camp.

Participation in the IT Spring Camp 2018

Already in April the same team of the TIB actively participated in the OER Jointly IT Spring Camp on "AI Technologies" in Weimar. The Visual Analytics team was invited to organise a one-day workshop that was aimed at providing project managers and IT representatives from the OER community with the basics of machine learning methods and semantic technologies as well as an overview of possible applications. Using practical examples from the field of OER, different approaches for improving search for educational material through machine learning methods were introduced.

What is OER Jointly?

The OER JOINTLY  is a joint project that brings together different actors from the field of Open Educational Resources (OER). In addition to consulting and development of software solutions, JOINTLY organises regular workshops and hackathons. At the JOINTLY IT Spring Camp and OER and IT Summer Camp in Weimar, a team of TIB was also involved