Looking for somewhere to revise?

The University’s examination session has started: Overview of study environments

The TIB – German National Library of Science and Technology offers facilities tailored to your different needs: Group study rooms for shared learning, quiet reading desks for individual learning, as well as sufficient space to enjoy a well-earned break. A total of around 1,800 reading desks are available at the library’s five sites.

Nevertheless, there may be a high level of capacity utilisation, especially during the examination phase, meaning that there may not be enough spaces available at peak times. Particularly between 10:00 and 18:00 there are frequent conglomerations.

As a new service, we have been offering students at Leibniz Universität Hannover a room booking system since November 2018: Reserve group study desks or dual workstations at TIB Conti-Campus and TIB Technik/Naturwissenschaften sites. All information and booking options can be found in the TIB-Portal at https://www.tib.eu/de/lernen-arbeiten/raumbuchung/

In the case of a high number of visitors to our locations, we can also recommend other attractive learning facilities, such as the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek – Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek (GWLB)

GWLB offers:

  • Wireless LAN access (eduroam),
  • group study rooms,
  • individual workplaces for a quiet working environment,
  • study cubicles,
  • access to Beck-Online.

For all information about the services offered by GWLB, visit: http://www.gwlb.de/arbeiten/

Leibniz University Hannover also offers additional reading desks on campus. You will find an overview on the new learning room map. There you can also see, for example, which equipment is available in the learning rooms and which rooms can be booked.

Another student workroom is available in the student dormitory at Lodyweg. There you have the possibility to book group study rooms via Stud.IP.

Another piece of advice: please remember to place a break disc on your reading desk before taking a break. By providing this option, we seek to ensure fair play. Occupied reading desks that have been left temporarily without a break disc may be cleared at any time.