New journal "Quantitative Science Studies" founded

TIB supports Journal Flipping

The International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) and its partners announce the founding of the Open Access journal Quantitative Science Studies (QSS). The TIB supports this process with a significant share of the transformation costs.

An essential requirement for Open Access transformation is the provision of funds from the library's acquisition budget to finance Open Access publications. This conversion of journals from the existing subscription system into Open Access is known as Journal Flipping. "With Journal Flippings, TIB is fulfilling its mission to ensure optimal access to scholarly content. We are expanding our activities, we invest strategically, and we build on extensive experience with the formation of consortia and with open access services" says Irina Sens, Deputy Director. The TIB has agreed to cover the article-related costs of QSS for the first three years.

The joint press release of the participating partners can be found here:

For more detailed information on the role of the TIB visit our blog:

For further questions on Open Access and Jounal Flipping, please contact Marco Tullney (marco.tullneytibeu), Head of Publication Services and Open Access Coordinator.