Scientific videos from the TIB AV-Portal as cultural heritage in the virtual library Europeana

TIB's AV-Portal successfully accredited by the Europeana Aggregator Forum

The TIB AV-Portal was accredited by the Europeana Aggregator Forum (EAF) meeting on 6th May 2020 as new aggregator for scientific videos. The Europeana Aggregator Forum (EAF) was established in 2012 to exchange the knowledge and best practice that support the digital transformation of cultural heritage institutions. It also helps to give increased recognition for organisations aggregating Europe’s cultural heritage. is a cultural heritage platform that hosts over a million videos and more than seven hundred thousand audios collected from museums, libraries, and archives across Europe. The Europeana ecosystem builds on a network of national, thematic and domain aggregators enabling cultural heritage institutions to share their content on Europeana Collections and open it up to new audiences. Aggregators work with thousands of cultural institutions and collectors to gather authentic, trustworthy and robust data and make it accessible to Europeana Collections, education and research infrastructures, creatives, developers and the general public. An important source of expertise, aggregators offer their partner institutions advice and support in digitisation, content description, licensing, media formats accessibility, multilingualism and domain and subject vocabularies.

Margret Plank, head of Labs for non-textual materials, who represents TIB in the Aggregator Forum says:  „with our participation in the Europeana Aggregator Forum, we will introduce the topic of scientific videos to Europeana and make the content of our partners available to an even broader audience “.

Using video for science communication has a long tradition and with social media this trend has been further strengthened. Scientific videos serve the visualization of research results e.g. with simulations and animations, they can transfer knowledge like in recordings of lectures and conferences and help the deeper understanding of research aspects with Interviews, project documentations or recordings of experiments. Scientific videos help to communicate scientific findings into society, culture, business, and politics and thus are bridging gaps.

TIB has been operating a portal for audiovisual media -  The TIB AV-Portal -  for 6 years  and is aggregating scientific and educational videos with a special focus on disciplines such as architecture, chemisty, computer science, mathematics, physics and engineering. In addition TIB has a historic film collection from the former Institut für den wissenschaftlichen Film (IWF), which covers 100 years of science videos, including subjects like Ethnologie, History, Social Sciences, Arts and Media. 

The TIB AV-Portal's key unique selling points are the long-term archiving of all videos and the seamless use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and Media Fragment Identifiers (MFID), which ensure reliable long-term availability and referencing of the videos to the second. In addition, the AV-Portal contains various automated analysis methods, by which the videos can be accessed on a segment-level as well as time-based: Keyframe-based text recognition (Video OCR), Speech recognition for the creation of audio transcripts, annotation with predefined visual concepts as well as semantic analysis. With the help of these video analysis technologies, information in a video can be precisely localised using semantic and explorative search functions, videos can be searched by content and relevant video segments can be identified and called up segment by segment. A cross-lingual mapping (German-English) of the semantic knowledge base also allows the videos in the portal to be searched across multiple languages (English and German).

Videos can be shared on the TIB AV-Portal by research scientists, faculty, students, private or public sector researchers as well as members of the GLAM community. Videos from disciplines such as architecture, chemisty, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering and beyond as well as videos from Open Educational Resources from all higher education subjects are more than welcome.

For more information please contact               

Margret Plank
Head of Lab for non-textual materials

Matti Stöhr
Community Manager TIB AV-Portal