TIB and WTI continue to provide services of Dokumentation Kraftfahrwesen

Important source of information for vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers, private research institutions, university institutes and associations

After 43 years, the Dokumentation Kraftfahrwesen e. V. (DKF) ceased operations at the end of 2017. Central services are provided by TIB’s – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology taking over of the relevant collections and the continuation of the DKF literature database by WTI-Frankfurt.

With the dissolution of the documentation Kraftfahrwesen e. V. (DKF) the association's office in Bietigheim-Bissingen was closed on 31 December 2017. Founded in 1974 in the context of the Federal Government's "IuD Programme" to promote information and documentation, the DKF was for 43 years an important information provider in the field of automotive technology and its peripheral areas. In line with the objectives of the IuD funding programme – namely to contribute to the expansion of the specialist information landscape – above all in the technical and scientific field by creating information and documentation facilities and to establish efficient information systems, DKF has developed a supraregional service portfolio for leading vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and suppliers, private research institutions as well as university institutes and associations. A key element in this process was the compilation and evaluation of international automotive journals and report literature.

Due to the long-standing cooperation of the institutions, more than 275,000 references of articles from the continuously updated DKF literature database were already documented in the TIB-Portal before the dissolution of the association and can be used for research and full text orders. Relevant DKF holdings from the field of so-called grey literature have now also been transferred to the TIB, where the documents are successively compared with the holdings and incorporated. These commercially unavailable materials represent an important source of information for science and research. The extensive grey stock of the TIB in its fields of expertise is thus supplemented by important conference and research reports, some of which are difficult to obtain, as well as other scientific articles and reports, company publications and dissertations from the DKF library.

The DKF literature database will be continued by WTI-Frankfurt eG with the same content as before. WTI stands for Scientific-Technical Information and focuses on fast access to technical and management information. Since its foundation in 2011, WTI has become a leading provider of application-oriented knowledge and practical research results for science and industry. Over the next five years, former DKF members will receive a 15 percent discount for the use of information services from the DKF database. The database search is now available via TecFinder.

The integration of the references as a data source in the TIB-Portal will also be continued. Central services that DKF has so far offered in the area of document delivery and full-text supply are thus still guaranteed.