TIB publishes Strategy 2018-2022

The changing TIB

In its Strategy 2018-2022, the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology sets out its objectives for the next five years. „We want to further expand our role as a German information centre for the digitisation of science and technology in the future," says TIB Director Prof. Dr. Sören Auer. As a scientific infrastructure institution, the TIB faces two major challenges in the coming years. As the German National Library of Science and Technology the TIB is at the centre of digital change in scientific work, digital publishing and the globalisation of information and communication. At the same time, as an institution financed by the Federal Government and the federal states, it is increasingly conducting its own research.

The classical library tasks – collection, indexing, provision and archiving – are carried out with the most modern technology. New developments in scientific communication, open and quality-assured publication procedures and copyright regulations are always taken into account. The mission of the TIB also includes non-textual materials and research data. The library actively supports the exchange of information in the subject domains with semantic models and digital services and develops consortium and licence models with the right holders in order to provide their users with scientific material independent of the physical form.

In addition, the TIB also strengthens the area of research and development and further expands it – also in cooperation with the universities. The aim is to improve existing TIB services and generate new innovative services for the target groups of the TIB.

The increasing digitisation and networking influences the everyday working life of scientists in all phases of the research cycle and is therefore also of great importance for the TIB, which supports researchers in their work processes.

The strategy clearly shows that, as an information centre, we have essential functions in the provision, indexing and preservation of modern knowledge objects, in driving the digital transformation process forward and continuing on the path to becoming a researching library,"said Auer.

The five strategy guidelines summarise the main elements of TIB's future path:

  • Preserve knowledge and facilitate access
  • Engage in research
  • Strengthen cooperation with higher education institutions
  • Increase national, European and international cooperation
  • Make TIB’s structures even more viable for the future