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TIB scientist to contribute to digital cultural heritage agenda in Europe

The TIB Technik/Naturwissenschaften (Science/Technology) and the TIB Conti-Campus sites start the new year with modified opening and service hours

More than 70 Experts exchange knowledge and experience on the latest technological developments

The TIB is actively involved in shaping the supply of scientific information through the successful negotiation of alliance licences

Wie sich die FAIR-Prinzipien von Forschungsdaten auf wissenschaftliche Software übetragen lassen

Nobel Prize for Economics for the interrelations between climate change or innovation and economic development

Prizes for interdisciplinary research approaches in application-oriented fields of chemistry and physics

TIB Director receives two million Euro for his research project on knowledge-based information flows

A Review of the event held at the TIB as the post-conference of the DILS2018

Leibniz Senate recommends the continuation of funding for the library within the Leibniz Association