Services of the TIB

The TIB operates various platforms and web services with support for the whole scientific process - for example, for researching, publishing and archiving scientific results.

TIB document delivery

Deliver specialist literature worldwide at a charge or access it directly online with the TIB's document delivery service

TIB ConRec

Sustainable video documentation of scientific events with the TIB recording service


As a service provider, the TIB offers individual modules for your requirements in the field of digital long-term preservation

Research audiovisual media from science and education and publish own scientific videos

Publish open access journals and conference publications

Publish scientific publications from science and technology in Open Access

Finding and using open educational materials for higher education nationally and internationally

Share educational resources with other lecturers at universities and make your own teaching visible that way

Find conferences and other scientific event formats or make them visible and persistently accessible

Find or publish specialist information for mobility and transport research and use consulting and networking services

Information supply and networking in materials science and materials engineering

Services for research in the disciplines of civil engineering, architecture and urban

Open and FAIR infrastructure for research data management in chemistry

Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

Research Data Infrastructure on Material and Immaterial Cultural Heritage

Describe research contributions in a structured manner, make them findable and compare them

Finding suitable open access journals for publishing your own research work

Find and use terminologies from the fields of architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics

NextGen Books

TIB helps to create digital or printed manuals, documentation or teaching/learning materials using Book Sprints and other methods.

PID and metadata services

TIB offers a wide range of services and advice for researchers and scientific institutions on the subject of PIDs and metadata.