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Synonyms were used for: Permafrost hydrogeology

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Used synonyms:

  • dauerfrostboden
  • permafrostboden

Used synonyms:

  • geohydraulik
  • geohydrologie
  • hydrogeologie

    Controls on permafrost thaw in a coupled groundwater-flow and heat-transport system: Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut, Canada

    Shojae Ghias, Masoumeh / Therrien, René / Molson, John et al. | Online Contents | 2016
    Keywords: Permafrost, Hydrogeologie

    Groundwater flow and storage processes in an inactive rock glacier

    Harrington, Jordan S. / Mozil, Alexandra / Hayashi, Masaki et al. | Wiley | 2018
    Keywords: hydrogeology, mountain permafrost

    Hydrology and pore water chemistry in a permafrost wetland, Ilulissat, Greenland

    Jessen, Søren / Holmslykke, Hanne D. / Rasmussen, Kristine et al. | Wiley | 2014
    Keywords: permafrost, hydrogeology

    Impact of degrading permafrost on subsurface solute transport pathways and travel times

    Frampton, Andrew / Destouni, Georgia | Wiley | 2015
    Keywords: permafrost hydrogeology

    Hydrogeochemistry of groundwaters in and below the base of thick permafrost at Lupin, Nunavut, Canada

    Stotler, Randy L. / Frape, Shaun K. / Ruskeeniemi, Timo et al. | Elsevier | 2009
    Keywords: Permafrost, Hydrogeology

    Degradation characteristics of permafrost under the effect of climate warming and engineering disturbance along the Qinghai–Tibet Highway

    Peng, Hui / Ma, Wei / Mu, Yan-hu et al. | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, Permafrost temperature, Permafrost degradation, Permafrost

    Experimental Modeling of Cyanobacterial Bloom in a Thermokarst Lake: Fate of Organic Carbon, Trace Metal, and Carbon Sequestration Potential

    Shirokova, L S / Kunhel, L / Rols, J.-L et al. | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, Permafrost

    Influence of seasonal melt layer depth on the stability of surrounding rock in permafrost regions based on the measurement

    Shen, Shiwei / Xia, Caichu / Huang, Jihui et al. | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: Permafrost region, Hydrogeology, Permafrost

    Change to the Permafrost-Hydrogeological Environment During Construction of the Ust’-Srednekanskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Vozhakova, A V | Online Contents | 2017
    Keywords: permafrost layers, Permafrost, Hydrogeology

    Interactions between freeze–thaw actions, wind erosion desertification, and permafrost in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau

    Xie, Shengbo / Qu, Jianjun / Xu, Xiangtian et al. | Online Contents | 2017
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, Permafrost

    Geohazards and thermal regime analysis of oil pipeline along the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Engineering Corridor

    Yu, Wenbing / Han, Fenglei / Liu, Weibo et al. | Online Contents | 2016
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, Permafrost

    Geological and Geophysical Investigations of the Hydrogeology of Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Part 2: North-Central Cantonment Area

    D. E. Lawson / S. A. Arcone / A. J. Delaney et al. | NTIS | 1998
    Keywords: & Permafrost, Permafrost, Hydrogeology

    From documentation to prediction: raising the bar for thermokarst research

    Rowland, Joel C / Coon, Ethan T | Online Contents | 2016
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, Permafrost, Hydrogeologie

    Geoenvironmental response of the Yenisei Siberia mid-taiga landscapes to global warming during late XX–early XXI centuries

    Medvedkov, A A | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: Hydrogeology, permafrost landscapes, Permafrost

    Groundwater occurrence in cold environments: examples from Nunavik, Canada

    Lemieux, Jean-Michel / Fortier, Richard / Talbot-Poulin, Marie-Catherine et al. | Online Contents | 2016
    Keywords: Cold regions hydrogeology, Hydrogeology, Permafrost, Hydrogeologie

    Lateral thermal disturbance of embankments in the permafrost regions of the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor

    Zhang, Mingyi / Pei, Wansheng / Zhang, Xiyin et al. | Online Contents | 2015
    Keywords: Permafrost region, Hydrogeology

    Methods of Calculation of Ice-Crust Flow (Metodika Rascheta Nalenogo Stoka)

    B. L. Sokolov | NTIS | 1976
    Keywords: & Permafrost, Permafrost, Hydrogeology

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