Heat engines and the Curzon-Ahlborn efficiency (Unknown language)

In: REVISTA MEXICANA DE FISICA   ;  60 ,  5  ;  384-389  ;  2014
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Origin of conical dispersion relations
Hojman, S.A. | 2014
Caracterizacion por SEM. EDS y micro-Raman de la influencia de la relacion molar SiO~2/Al~2O~3 y temperatura de reduccion sobre el sistema CuZSM5
Rivas, F.C. / Iznaga, I.R. / Petranovskii, V. | 2014
Coulomb effects in isobaric cold fission from reactions ^2^3^3U(n~t~h,f), ^2^3^5U(n~t~h,f), ^2^3^9Pu(n~t~h,f) and ^2^5^2Cf(sf)
Montoya, M. | 2014
Quasinormal frequencies of the Dirac field in a D-dimensional Lifshitz black hole
Lopez-Ortega, A. | 2014
Enhancement of vectorial nonlinearity in rubidium vapor by using an additional pump beam
Korneev, N. / Torres, Y.M. / Ortega, Y. | 2014
Higher dimensional Elko theory
Nieto, J.A. | 2014
Probabilidad de transmision en cadenas desordenadas de ADN
Plazas, C.A. / Fonseca-Romero, K.M. / Rey-Gonzalez, R.R. | 2014
Heat engines and the Curzon-Ahlborn efficiency
Hernandez, A.C. / Roco, J.M.M. / Medina, A. / Sanchez-Salas, N. | 2014
Preparation, structural and NLO-optical characterization of LB-molecular films from asymmetric Bent-Core liquid crystals
Garcia-Vazquez, P. / Morales-Saavedra, O.G. / Carreon-Castro, M.D.P. / Pelzl, G. | 2014
Changes of representation and general boundary conditions for Dirac operators in 1+1 dimensions
De Vincenzo, S. | 2014