Segregation and conflict: An empirical analysis (English)

In: JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS   ;  116 ;  212-222  ;  2015
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Failure vs. displacement: Why an innovative anti-poverty program showed no net impact in South India
Bauchet, Jonathan / Morduch, Jonathan / Ravi, Shamika | 2015
Productive inefficiency in extended agricultural households: Evidence from Mali
Guirkinger, Catherine / Platteau, Jean-Philippe / Goetghebuer, Tatiana | 2015
Watchdogs of the Invisible Hand: NGO monitoring and industry equilibrium
Aldashev, Gani / Limardi, Michela / Verdier, Thierry | 2015
Do better property rights improve local income?: Evidence from First Nations' treaties
Aragón, Fernando M. | 2015
The resource curse exorcised: Evidence from a panel of countries
Smith, Brock | 2015
Child mortality risk and fertility: Evidence from prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV
Wilson, Nicholas | 2015
Fiscal incentives and policy choices of local governments: Evidence from China
Han, Li / Kung, James Kai-Sing | 2015
Quality signaling through certification in developing countries
Auriol, Emmanuelle / Schilizzi, Steven G.M. | 2015
Financial development and the choice of trade partners
Chan, Jackie M.L. / Manova, Kalina | 2015
Effects of renminbi appreciation on foreign firms: The role of processing exports
Eichengreen, Barry / Tong, Hui | 2015
Social accountability to contain corruption
Lambert-Mogiliansky, A. | 2015
A positive analysis of Fairtrade certification
Podhorsky, Andrea | 2015
The relationship between federal budget amendments and local electoral power
Firpo, Sergio / Ponczek, Vladimir / Sanfelice, Viviane | 2015
A heterogeneous agent model of credit-linked index insurance and farm technology adoption
Farrin, Katie / Miranda, Mario J. | 2015
Segregation and conflict: An empirical analysis
Corvalan, Alejandro / Vargas, Miguel | 2015
Leveling with friends: Social networks and Indian farmers' demand for a technology with heterogeneous benefits
Magnan, Nicholas / Spielman, David J. / Lybbert, Travis J. / Gulati, Kajal | 2015
All in the family: Explaining the persistence of female genital cutting in West Africa
Bellemare, Marc F. / Novak, Lindsey / Steinmetz, Tara L. | 2015