In-situ monitoring by thermal lens microscopy of a photocatalytic reduction process of hexavalent chromium (English)

In: Revista Mexicana de física   ;  64 ,  5  ;  507-511  ;  2018
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Table of contents – Volume 64, Issue 5

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Study of non-linear optical properties of center and edge δ-doped multiple quantum wells
Gambhir, M. / Prasad, V. | 2018
Luminescent characteristics of Eu^2^+/Li^+ doped (La-Al)~2O~3 phosphors and PMMA films activated with them
Mariscal-Becerra, L. / Carmona-Téllez, S. / Alarcón-Flores, G. / Balderas-Aguilar, J. U. / Vázquez-Arreguín, R. / Murrieta, H. / Falcony, C. | 2018
Hamiltoniano efectivo de un circuito LC con carga discreta bajo la aproximación semiclásica
Mamani, E. / Calcina-Nogales, M. / Sanjinés, D. | 2018
Bound states in the continuum and time evolution of the generalized eigenfunctions
Lohr, D. / Hernández, E. / Jáuregui, A. / Mondragón, A. | 2018
Investigation of the electron paramagnetic resonance signal response in gamma-irradiated poly(lactic acid) for high-dose dosimetry
Ureña-Nuñez, F. / Galindo, S. | 2018
Adaptive low density parity check encoder for a complete free space optics/continuous variable-quantum key distribution system using commercially available off-the-shelf devices for variable throughput network considering dynamical atmospheric turbulence levels
López-Leyva, J. A. / Arvizu-Mondragon, A. / Santos-Aguilar, J. / Ramos-Garcia, R. / Talamantes-Álvarez, A. | 2018
Magnetic properties of free-standing finite linear Co chains
Hernández-Herrejón, J. C. / Chávez-Alcázar, R. | 2018
Vegas: Software package for the atomistic simulation of magnetic materials
Alzate-Cardona, J. D. / Sabogal-Suárez, D. / Arbeláez-Echeverri, O. D. / Restrepo-Parra, E. | 2018
Differential and integral cross sections for electron elastic scattering by ammonia for incident energies ranging from 10 eV to 20 KeV
Sali, N. / Aouchiche, H. | 2018
In-situ monitoring by thermal lens microscopy of a photocatalytic reduction process of hexavalent chromium
Cedeño, E. / Plazas-Saldaña, J. / Gordillo-Delgado, F. / Bedoya, A. / Marín, E. | 2018
Sub-nanosecond, megawatt compact diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser
Cudney, R. S. / Minor, C. E. | 2018
3D flow of Carreau polymer fluid over variable thickness sheet in a suspension of microorganisms with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux
Prasad, P. Durga / Varma, S. V. K. / Raju, C. S. K. / Shehzad, S. A. / Meraj, M. A. | 2018
Foam injection into horizontal cells with channels of different openings
Terrazo, A. Pérez / Salazar, V. S. Álvarez / Silva, F. Sánchez / Medina, A. | 2018
Coupled reaction-diffusion waves in a chemical system via fractional derivatives in Liouville-Caputo sense
Saad, Khaled M. / Gómez-Aguilar, J. F. | 2018