Oceanic & atmospheric variability in the South Atlantic, Cruise No. M124, 29. February - 18. March 2016, Cape Town (Republic South Africa) - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (English)

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The FS METEOR expedition M124 was the first of the two SACross2016 expeditions (second cruise: M133, CS: Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR). Measurements were carried out in the lower atmosphere / upper water column in the so far sparsely-sampled South Atlantic. In particular, the M124 program aimed at studies on differences in the vertical structure of the water column within and outside of mesoscale eddies using underway systems (uCTD, XBT, ADCP, TSG, biogeochemistry). Data were collected with the rosette system was used to determine the contrasts in the distribution of biogeochemical (nutrients, oxygen), biological (foraminifers), physical (T/S, currents) parameters in eddies and surrounding water. Areosol measurments and turbulent fluxes were measured at the air/sea interface in the atmosphere boundary layer quasi continuously. A CTD profile was recorded in the Vema channel to determine the hydrographic characteristics of the Antarctic Bottom Water. Sensor technology tests for measuring pCO2 and incubation experiments for nitrogen fixation rate estimates were also carried out. The expedition was used as a "MyScience cruise" for training purposes. There were 9 students from 7 countries on board (South Africa / USA, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Togo, Germany) who were trained in modern ocean observing techniques, but also working out own scientific projects.