Organic matter fluxes and biogeochemical processes in the OMZ off Peru, Cruise No. M138, 01 June - 03 July 2017, Callao (Peru) - Bahia Las Minas (Panama) (English)

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The oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) in the eastern tropical South Pacific Ocean is tightly connected to the coastal upwelling system off Peru. The high biological productivity off Peru is therefore, driven by the complex interplay between the amount of nutrients recycled by remineralisation processes in the OMZ and the upwelling which brings these nutrients to the surface layer. However, surprisingly little is known about organic matter cycling and its effects on biogeochemical processes in the OMZ off Peru. To this end we conducted a first comprehensive study on the role of organic matter for the biogeochemical processes and the maintenance of the OMZ off Peru. M138 combined measurements of marine biogeochemistry, microbiology, physical oceanography and air chemistry with foci on (i) the efficiency of the biological pump, (ii) the nitrogen cycle processes in the OMZ, (iii) the ventilation of the OMZ as well as (iv) the air/sea gas exchange across the ocean/atmosphere interface and (v) aerosol deposition. The METEOR cruise M138 was performed as part of the third phase of the SFB754 'Climate-Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Ocean' (