Fluid Seepage of Chile and in the Southern Gulf of Mexico - Cruise No. M67 - February 20 - April 25, 2006 - Talcahuano (Chile) - Bridgetown (Barbados) (English)

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METEOR Cruise M67 started after a stay of two months in the shipyard of Talcahuano (Chile) with a new company as shipping operator. The cruise conducted two legs in two areas at the Chile margin and the Gulf of Mexico. Leg M67/1 was part of the long-term collaborative research project 574 (SFB 574) at the University of Kiel and the Leibniz Institut für Meeresforschung and investigates fluids and volatiles in subduction zones: climate feedbacks and trigger mechanisms for natural hazards. Previous expeditions were focused on continental margins in Middle America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala) where subduction erosion is the dominant process during convergence of the margin. The new research area in Chile is a margin of accretion of sediments and represents a fundamental different area to the previous one. The focus of cruise M67/1 was therefore to reveal high-resolution morphology of the seafloor as an essential prerequisite for imaging seafloor fluid venting and other indications for cold seeps. Seepage of fluids and hydrocarbons were also the focus of research cruise M67/2 at the passive continental margin of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). The program took place in the frame research area E "Fluid and gas seepage" of the Research Center Ocean Margins (RCOM) at the University of Bremen, also funded by the German science foundation (DFG). In the Mexican part of the GOM asphalt volcanoes which have been found three years ago, were the main focus of leg M67/2. During a first sub-leg M67/2a geophysical methods (high-resolution multichannel seismic and sidescan sonar surveys) were performed and combined with gravity core sampling and seafloor video observation in order to conduct exploration of seeps. During a second sub-leg M67/2b ROV-dives were used to map and sample asphalt volcano sites in great detail in order to reveal how asphalt volcanoes originate.

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    Fluid Seepage of Chile and in the Southern Gulf of Mexico - Cruise No. M67 - February 20 - April 25, 2006 - Talcahuano (Chile) - Bridgetown (Barbados)
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    METEOR-Berichte ; M67 ; 1-110
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