3D-TEST NORTH SEA - Cruise No. 88/1 - August 10 - September 06, 2012 - Bremerhaven (Germany) - Bremerhaven (Germany) (English)

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During cruise M88/1 RV METEOR was used by the marine seismic group of BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover). Main objectives were to initialize and configure all recently purchased components of a mobile 3D marine seismic data acquisition system and subsequently to operate the complete system to acquire a 3D data set in an area of limited extent. The cruise was subdivided into two legs by a call at the port of Aberdeen. The first two weeks of the allocated 4 weeks time slot were dedicated to acquire methodical know-how in configuring and applying the 3D multichannel seismic equipment onboard a multipurpose research vessel. After transit to the working area off the Scottish coast all 3D seismic components were individually configured and subsequently comprehensively tested between August 10th and 24th. The tests included deck handling and dragging configuration of the outboard systems as well as testing all hardware and software components for precise navigation, system control and data acquisition according to industry standards. After successfully finishing this leg part of the scientific crew was exchanged. In the period between August 24th and September 6th a first 3D seismic survey was scheduled for a small sized area. This survey was completed in a 60 km² area W of the Island of Heligoland. The survey area was covered by a regular line grid with 150 m separation of seismic survey lines. Summarizing the total number of 45 3D survey lines data was acquired along 451 km of track lines. During the 3D seismic survey all requirements of precise navigation and standards for maximum folding of 3D seismic data using two 900 m long streamers were aimed.