CICARB - Cruise No. M95 - March 29 - April 25, 2013 - Kingston (Jamaica) - Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe) (English)

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The goal of leg 95 with R/V METEOR was to unravel the sedimentation processes and the stratigraphic patterns of the carbonate banks rimming the Santaren Strait, with Great Bahama Bank to the East and Cay Sal Bank to the West. A special focus was to acquire seismic, hydroacoustic and water mass data which would allow linking the sedimentary facies and the stacking patterns to the current system in the strait. Six working areas were selected to perform detailed studies: three are located at the flank of Great Bahama Bank at three along the eastern flank of Cay Sal Bank. 1393 km of multichannel seismic lines have been collected, 3016 km of hydroacoustic survey were performed, and 18 CTD profiles were measured. Hydroacoustically defined facies were sampled with a series of grab samples, as well as box and gravity cores. Data and samples will allow developing a process-oriented model of sedimentation at carbonate platform flanks. It will also be possible to show, when and how the current system in the strait developed. This will provide additional information for the better understanding of the onset and fluctuations in this limb of the global thermohaline circulation.