Pre-Site Survey for an IODP cruise Neogene Paleoclimate and sediment transport at the continental margin of NW Africa - Cruise No. MSM11/2 - March 14 - April 09, 2009 - Dakar (Senegal) - Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) (English)

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Main topic of MARIA S. MERIAN leg 11/2 was the preparation of an IODP expedition entitled 'Neogene Paleoclimate and sediment transport at the continental margin of NW Africa'. Between Cap Bojador, southeast of the Canary Islands, and the deltas of the rivers Senegal and Gambia seismic data have been collected in five working areas as a presite survey. 4 out of 10 sites should cover at least the last 8 to 12 Ma to reconstruct the Neogene development of the African monsoon and to document the early Pliocene aridification of the North African continent. Further six sites should explore sediments in high accumulation areas for a high resolution study of rapid climate changes in the subtropics and related sediment transport. Another topic of the cruise was the investigation of particle transport and characteristics of the upwelling area off Cap Blanc. Long-term moorings of sediment traps, oceanographic and optical sensors at stations CB (since 1988) and CBi (since 2002) had to be renewed. Additional samples of particles in the water column and at the sediment surface should been taken by water samplers, in-situ pumps, and multicorers. The investigations are related to projects of the DFG Research Center / Excellence Cluster 'The Ocean in the Earth System' sections OC (Ocean and Climate), GB (Geosphere- Biosphere interactions) and SD (Sediment dynamics), University of Bremen, as well as to the project B4 (Submarine hazards at continental margins) within the Excellence Cluster 'Future Ocean', University of Kiel.