Seamount Observatory and SAMOC Overturning, Cruise No. MSM60, January 04 - February 01, 2017, Cape Town (South Africa) - Montevideo (Uruguay) (English)

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The scientific program of the MARIA S. MERIAN MSM60 expedition was the first basin-wide section across the South Atlantic following the SAMBA/SAMOC line at 34°30'S. The scientific program consisted of full water depth sampling (up to 5300m) using the CTD/O2/lADCP rosette system. The water samples have been analysed on board for oxygen, dissolved inorganic carbon, alkalinity, salinity, CFC12, and SF6. In addition samples have been taken for later analysis of nutrients, chlorophyll structure (HPLC), POC, and nitrogen isotope analysis. The sampling and measurements where performed against highest standards defined in the GO-SHIP cruise recommendations ( An Underwater Vision Profiler (UVP) was mounted on the CTD for full depth particle photography. Underway measurements included hull mounted ADCPs (75kHz and 38kHz) and high resolution (11nm) XBT probes. The data will be analysed for multiple purposes including calculation of the meridional volume, heat, and freshwater transport across the SAMBA/SAMOC line. The biogeochemical data will be compared to historical data acquired at neighbouring sections, e.g. along the WOCE/GO-SHIP A10 section (30°S) occupied by RV Meteor in 1993 as part of the WOCE program. The MSM60 expedition is a contribution to the EU H-2020 AtlantOS project.