Water mass transport and transformation in the western SPNA, Cruise No. MSM74, May 25 - June 26, 2018, St. John's (Canada) - Reykjavik (Iceland), Western SPNA transport (English)

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The scientific program of the MARIA S. MERIAN MSM74 expedition was dedicated to studies on the intensity of water mass transformation and the southward transport of water masses in the boundary current systems off Labrador and at the southern tip of Greenland. During the expedition we recovered 17/deployed 8 deep sea moorings. Measurements of the vertical structure of temperature, salinity, density, oxygen, optical properties and the flow along selected sections have been surveyed during the MSM74 expedition. Close to the surface, permanent registrations are carried out with the thermosalinograph (temperature, salinity) and meteorological data are continuously collected. Flow measurements up to 1000m depth are performed with the ships installed ADCPs. The expedition is a contribution to national (RACE) and international projects (OSNAP, AtlantOS).