Mafic Dykes in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  63 ,  2-3  ;  101-121  ;  1995
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Table of contents – Volume 63, Issue 2-3

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Structural Investigations in Proterozoic to Lower Palaeozoic Rocks in the Read Mountains and Haskard Highlands of the Shackleton Range, Antarctica
Braun, H. M. | 1995
Mafic Dykes in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica
Spaeth, G. / Hotten, R. / Peters, M. / Techmer, K. | 1995
Palaeomagnetic Studies on Mafic Dykes of the Shackleton Range, Antarctica, and Their Geotectonic Relevance
Hotten, R. | 1995
Cordierite in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica: First Recorded Occurrence
Schubert, W. / Olesch, M. | 1995
Petrogenesis of the Metasediments from the Pioneers Escarpment, Shackleton Range, Antarctica
Roland, N. W. / Olesch, M. / Schubert, W. | 1995
Glacial Geology and Petrography of Erratics in the Shackleton Range, Antarctica
Höfle, H. C. / Buggisch, W. | 1995