In memoriam Pter Guy Mary-Rousselière Father Mary (German)

In: Polarforschung   ;  64 ,  1  ;  43-44  ;  1995
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Pedologic, Isotopic and Microbiological Properties of Antarctic Soils
Bölter, M. / Blume, H. P. / Erlenkeuser, H. | 1995
Marine Seismic Profiling in Ice Covered Regions
Jokat, W., Buravtsev, V. Y. / Miller, H. | 1995
Early Stages of Plant Recovery on Tracked Vehicle Paths in the High Arctic (West Coast of Vestspitsbergen)
Koroleva, N. E. | 1995
RASCALS (Research on Antarctic Shallow Coastal and Litoral Systems) Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Dynamik eines antarktischen Küsternökosystems
Klöser, H. / Arntz, W. E. | 1995
In memoriam Pter Guy Mary-Rousselière Father Mary
Steltner, H. A. R. / Steltner, S. D. | 1995