New Data on the Isotopic Composition and Evolution of Modern Ice Wedges in the Laptev Sea Region (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  70 ;  27-35  ;  2002
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The Modern and Ancient Terrestrial and Coastal Environment of the Laptev Sea Region, Siberian Arctic - A Preface
Rachold, V. | 2002
The Sedimentological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Composition of Late Pleitocene Deposits from the Ice Complex on the Bykovsky Peninsula, Northern Siberia
Siegert, C., Schirrmeister, L. / Babiy, O. | 2002
Paleoenvironmental Changes in Northeastern Siberia during the Late Quaternary - Evidence from Pollen Records of the Bykovsky Peninsula
Andreev, A. A. / Schirrmeister, L. / Siegert, C. / Bobrov, A. A. / Demske, D. / Seiffert, M. / Hubberten, H. W. | 2002
New Data on the Isotopic Composition and Evolution of Modern Ice Wedges in the Laptev Sea Region
Dereviagin, A. Y. / Meyer, H. / Chizhov, A. B. / Hubberten, H. W. / Simonov, E. F. | 2002
Paleoclimate Studies on Bykovsky Peninsula, North Siberia - Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in Ground Ice
Meyer, H. / Dereviagin, A. Y. / Siegert, C. / Hubberten, H. W. | 2002
Snow Patches in Nival Landscapes and Their Role for the Ice Complex Formation in the Laptev Sea Coastal Lowlands
Kunitsky, V. V. / Schirrmeister, L. / Grosse, G. / Kienast, F. | 2002
Evolution of Lake Nikolay, Arga Island, Western Lena River Delta, during Late Pleistocene and Holocene Time
Schwamborn, G / Andreev, A. A. / Rachold, V. / Hubberten, H. W. / Grigoriev, M. N. / Tumskoy, V. / Pavlova, E. Y. / Dorozkhina, M. V. | 2002
Luminescence Dating Results of Sediment Sequences of the Lena Delta
Krbetschek, M. R. / Gonser, G. / Schwamborn, G. | 2002
The Holocene Alluvial Delta Relief Complex and Hydrological Regime of the Lena River Delta
Pavlova, E. Y. / Dorozhkina, M. V. | 2002
Forest Insect Spectra in Late Holocene Deposits of the Lena Delta Terrace, North of the Actual Tree Line
Kuzmina, S. A. / Bolshiyanov, D. Y. | 2002
Monitoring of Marco-Zoobenthos in the Lena River Mouth
Gukov, A. Y. | 2002
Modern Annual Deposition and Aerial Pollen Transport in the Lena Delta
Savelieva, L. A. / Dorozhkina, M. V. / Pavlova, E. Y. | 2002
Interaction of River Discharge with Sea Ice in Proximity of Arctic Deltas: A Review
Reimnitz, E. | 2002
Comparative Shoreface Evolution along the Laptev Sea Coast
Are, F. / Grigoriev, M. N. / Hubberten, H. W. / Rachold, V. / Razumov, S. / Schneider, W. | 2002
An Estimation of the Sediment Budget in the laptev Sea during the Last 5000 Years
Rachold, V. / Grigoriev, M. N. / Bauch, H. A. | 2002