Recent thermochronological research in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  84 ,  1  ;  59-66  ;  2014
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A high resolution aeromagnetic survey over the Mesa Range, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Damaske, D. / Schreckenberger, B. / Goldmann, F. | 2014
Micro-gravity measurements in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica.//as contribution to geodynamic investigations - a feasibility study
Jentzsch, G. | 2014
The Ross-orogenic Tiger Gabbro (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): Insights into the lower crust of a Cambrian island arc?
Henjes-Kunst, F. / Koepke, J. / Läufer, A. L. / Estrada, S. / Phillips, G. / Piepjohn, K. / Kosanke, D. | 2014
Geology of the Millen Thrust System, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Phillips, G. / Läufer, A. L. / Piepjohn, K. | 2014
Sedimentological field investigations on the Takrouna Formation (Permian, Beacon Supergroup) in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Schöner, R. / John, N. | 2014
Recent thermochronological research in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Lisker, F. / Prenzel, J. / Läufer, A L. / Spiegel, C. | 2014