Energy spectrum of superconductors with overlapping bands (English)

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In: Solid State Communications   ;  8 ,  20  ;  1615-1616  ;  1970
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Abstract Interband pairing between electrons in a two band superconductor leads to the formation of a united energy spectrum with two branches, depending on the topology characteristics of the two bands.

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Pernet, Michel / Elmale, David / Joubert, Jean-Claude | 1970
I quantum oscillations and the order of the phase charge in a low κ type II superconducting microcylinder
McLachlan, D.S. | 1970
II quantum oscillations, pinning and the superheating and other critical fields in a low K type II superconducting microcylinder
McLachlan, D.S. | 1970
EPR of diluted Gd in binary Pd alloys
Cottet, H. / Peter, M. | 1970
The magnetic structure of the spinel Fe3S4
Coey, J.M.D. / Spender, M.R. / Morrish, A.H. | 1970
Rotation du plan de polarisation d'une onde ultrasonore se propageant dans un cristal antiferromagnetique
Boiteux, M / Doussineau, P / Ferry, B / Joffrin, J / Levelut, A | 1970
Energy spectrum of superconductors with overlapping bands
Fal'ko, Igor I. | 1970
Nonlinear excess conductivity in superconducting aluminum films above the transition temperature
Kajimura, K. / Mikoshiba, N. | 1970
Effect of stabilization on electrical conductivity in chalcogenide glass
Iizima, S. / Sugi, M. / Kikuchi, M. / Tanaka, K. | 1970
First order phase transition in EuSe
Petrich, G. / Kasuya, T. | 1970
On the high field hall resistivity
Gerhardts, R. / Hajdu, J. | 1970
Mobility of the antiferromagnetic large polaron
Kasuya, T. | 1970
Measurements of concentration-dependent spin-lattice relaxation times in phosphorus-doped silicon at low temperatures
Marko, J.R. / Honig, A. | 1970
Possibility of 〈110〉 equilibrium orientation in octahedral potential
Mitra, D. / Agrawal, V.K. / Pandey, G.K. | 1970
Superconductivity and normal state conduction mechanism in oxidized thin aluminum films
Strongin, Myron / Dickey, J.M. / Crow, J.E. | 1970
Neutron diffraction study of Mn3Ga
Krén, E. / Kádár, G. | 1970
Exchange coupling between pairs of Fe(III) ions in FeF3·3H2O at low temperatures
Jones, E.R. Jr. / Hendricks, M.E. / Cathey, L. / Finklea, S.L. / Auel, T. / Amma, E.L. | 1970
Temperature dependence of the superconducting energy gap of amorphous Bi
Vashishta, P. / Carbotte, J.P. | 1970
Conference on Solid State Phyiscs and Applications, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
| 1970
Annual Midwest Solid State Physics Conference, Nebraska Center for Continuing Education, East Campus of The University of Nebraska, Lincolin, Nebraska 68508
| 1970
| 1970