Carbon nano capsule and preparation method thereof (Chinese)

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The invention discloses a carbon nano capsule and a preparation method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of carbon materials, and the problem that nano-particles are easy to agglomerate in the using process can be solved; the preparation method comprises the following step of taking furan formaldehyde and various metal salts as raw materials, then enabling furan formaldehyde and the metal salts to be fully dissolved in an amide solvent/H2O mixed solvent prepared according to a certain ratio, and carrying out solvothermal reaction at a proper temperature for a period of time, and thencarrying out heat treatment under an inert atmosphere to obtain the carbon nano capsule. The carbon nano capsule disclosed by the invention has high capacity and excellent charge and discharge cycling performance when being applied to a negative electrode material of a secondary lithium ion battery; and the preparation method has the advantages of being high in operability, simple in process, easy for realization of industrial production and the like.


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    Carbon nano capsule and preparation method thereof
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